Need hel-widex compare to audibel

Been wearing Widex itc for a couple yeras just tried inteo m bte and audibel 1200 bte. Much less stufineess with bte, Widex great sound, ear tubes just didnt’ fit and keep coming out of ear. Audibel very comfy but sound no where as good as widex. Any suggestions-should I try the Widex inteo itc?

Most audis would agree, Widex has superior technology compare to Starkey-audibel.
I have seen an Ad for Widex Passion, which is a Mini Bte with all the features-
extendend bandwith seems to be something most top high end instruments have given the benefits in terms of speech quality, improve localization, etc

I wholeheartedly disagree. I think that America builds some of the best hearing aid technology in the world, and buying foreign imports is no better.

I understand your enthusiam for some of the foreign brands you like, but you need to be careful in your statements where you claim things to be the best or claim that ‘most audis’ would agree.

You’ve slammed Starkey a lot in your posts. I’m curious, how many patients have you actually fitted with Starkey?