Need fitting of used kirkland KS562-DRW


I have inherited a pair of these hearing aids. They are not set up for my hearing profile. I went to Costco and they said that since I did not purchace them from COSTCO that they could not help me with a fitting. Is there a place you can reccomend in the Hollywood area that could help me with the set up and ourchace Domes and wax sticks?


Not positive, but I think those are made by Resound and if so, you’re out of luck as only Costco has the software to program them as they are “locked.”


Did you tell Costco you inherited them from a family member? When I asked about my old aids they indicated they allow transfers for family members.


The Kirkland Signature 5’s are ReSound Verso hearing Aids that are Aventa software locked to the Costco version of ReSound’s Aventa fitting software.

So the only place you can get them setup/re-programmed is Costco who is currently telling you to go pound sand. Oh, maybe Costco thinks that inherited means bought on EBay.


Cant Costco look up your relatives purchase records to prove you are family?