Need any advice and help - new to the forum and need to buy HA


This forum seems incredibly helpful, but also overwhelming to a new comer. I have moderate to severe hearing loss in my right ear, strangely enough this came on during my second pregnancy and I was later diagnosed with Menieres. Although initially I suffered with dizziness, this has completely gone away and just left me with the hearing loss and tinnitus, which I’ve got used to. My left ear is within normal to mild hearing loss. I’ve read differing opinions as to whether I would need just 1 hearing aid or benefit from wearing them on both ears. Plus I think my family will appreciate addressing my hearing loss and I possibly won’t have to find the best place sit in a restaurants/meeting in order to pick-up on the conversation! I’m a week or so into my research and have visited Costco - recommended the ReSound Forte, I’ve also spoken with a sales person at Audicus. Just need a few folks to weigh in and give any advice to help me with my decision on which are the best hearing aids for my given situation. I can add a copy of my audiogram if this would help.


You really can’t lose with Costco, their trial and return periods are second to none, so if you don’t like the aid at the end of the tria,l you return it, get all your money back and try someone or something else.


That’s what I’m thinking and have been reading others making the same comment. Thanks for weighing in!


I too had Meniere’s with a worse outcome after the attacks ceased.

It was suggested that I was a candidate for a single aid but for the opposite reason. They thought the second aid wouldn’t benefit.

What I found is that two aids did provide additional benefit. The sounds were fuller but also all the features – including noise control help – were available.

If you decide to go with a single aid, I would suggest trying the less expensive models that seem to have fewer features but those features on higher end aids are disabled or very limited.


Thanks KenP, I think I’m leaning towards getting them for both ears. It’s good to hear it directly from someone suffering from Menieres too. It’s a nasty condition, I’m just thankful that the episodes of dizziness seem to have passed. I appreciate your recommendation.


I second the Costco idea and two hearing aids. You have enough of a loss in the “good” ear for a hearing aid to provide benefit. My bias would be stay away from Audicus.


Hearing aids will be a great tool in your toolchest. You should still plan on self-advocating and getting the best seat you can for meetings and restaurants. Just remember they are hearing “aids,” not hearing “cures.”


I agree and have to say everyone has always been very accommodating. I’m just trying to make sure I get as much information as possible to get a good set given the capital outlay. It seems like Costco is a good start due to their return policy, so will book a return visit to get fitted and will report back. I think I’m leaning towards the Resound Forte brand. Fortunately I have 4 Costco stores within 25 miles from where I live so I don’t think I’ll have issues in getting into one of them if adjustments need to be made.