Need answers on hearing aid

I have tried hearing aid/s four times with no success; I seem to have found a hearing specialist that is really trying to help me. I was fitted with one cic hearing aid and did not feel happy with it; thought I might like the open ear type and he let me try the open ear and cic while on vacation; I took turns trying to decide and decided that I liked the open ear but did not hear as well as with the cic. He suggested that I try wearing two open ear and I started that two days ago; seem to be doing OK with them but I get feed back at times and it is annoying and don’t feel that I hear all that is said. These are Rexton aids which I understand are made by Siemens; he said that after Siemens comes out with new technology they pass the one that was newest down and sell as Rexton. He did mention that in 6 months or less that Rexton would have aids with newer technology, I think that the mike will actually fit in your ear much as the ear piece does now on the Rivera that I am wearing. As I said I have tried aids before and have been in the higher price ranges on the aids. Now that I am working with the Rexton specialist, since May, I do feel that he is really trying to help me and is very patient and I am hard to please and vain (trying to get past that). Should I be able to get rid of the feedback, if I just rub my hand over the aid it whistles and I still feel that I do not hear as well as I should and this has been the problem with all of the aids. Am I expecting too much and should I wait a few months for this newest technology to come to Rexton from Siemens. I went to the Siemens website and thought it sounded like an interesting concept and it will be a little smaller behind the hear piece. My specialist said that he is a bit leery of the this newest technology as it seems like a lot to put into the ear piece. I appreciate any help/thoughts that you can give to me. I do apologize for the long post and hope that you understand what I am trying to ask as I do feel confused. Also, since I have been only wearing two open ear aids for two days, I realize that they probably need adjusting and I will go back to have this done next week. :confused:

I am not very familiar with Rexton/Siemens, as I do not dispense this brand. Are you fit with a receiver in the ear design open fit hearing aid set? You can tell if it is, because you would have a wire, not a clear tube from the hearing aid into the ear, and you would also have a speaker sitting in the ear, versus just a clear tube with a silicone tip attatched.

These designs tend to prevent feedback and also benefit from insertion gain, thus usually providing a cleaner sound without the spikes and valleys associated with receiver on the ear designs.

The most popular receiver in the ear Open Fits are the Oticon Delta’s and Epoch, Vivatone and Phonak Audeo and Micro Savia.

If you have a more severe hearing loss and feedback is an issue, you may also want the audi to possibly use a more occluding dome tip and/or even a custom tip, from companies such as Westone or Perfect Seal Labs.

How severe is your hearing loss?

Thanks for your reply; I have the open ear with the clear tip that goes into my ear. It seems to be doing well, except when I might brush my hair back with my hand and I get loud feed back. I am not sure what my audio report says; hearing not really bad, however, in crowds, I have a hard time hearing. I believe that I have a 20% loss; partly from growing older and chemo made it worse. I have sensitive ears in that I have allergies and the aids sometimes just bother them; but that is another story. I can live with this open ear and the feed back, however, my hearing specialist did mention that they would have the one with the speaker in the ear in four to five months and I just wonder if I should not wait for him to get the newer technology as I understand that it does cut back on feedback and I think that the piece that goes behind my ear would be smaller. I work in a school and do need to hear good; I have a hard time hearing anyone that talks in a soft voice or as I said in crowds; I guess it is the background nosie that bothers me then. I am torn between just keeping what I have or waiting for the speaker in the ear. I have heard that there could be problems with the speaker in the ear as the tech is so new and not time tested yet. Again, thanks for your input and I appreciate any other that you might have. I should add that I do have tinnuitis that drives me up the wall. Had all kinds of tests and none of the doctors have an answer for that; just assure me that there are no tumors, etc causing it. :slight_smile:

My sense is that you will get a very small benefit from these devices. it may be worthwhile, but only you can decide. There is a lot of attitude involved in believing that someone with tinnitus can seriously benefit.

It appears that tinnitus masks a lot of your hearing and if it doesn’t go away… all they can do is “turn up the volume”. They will claim that they can distinguish voices and block background noise… but only in controlled and non random situations. Real like is too complex.

good luck.

Thanks so much for your input; I am seriously thinking of keeping one of the open ear aids and waiting a while to see how good the newer technology works for others. I go back to work this Thursday after being on summer break and want to see how I do with both aids in our two day staff meetings. Last year I really did not hear a lot of what was said; maybe the same this year. I need to let my specialist know what I want to do soon as I have gone way over my time limit, however, he has told me not to rush and I do trust him. You are right about the controlled situations; I had a neuro surgeon tell me that my hearing seemed fine as I was hearing him. I told him that we were sitting in his office in a controlled situation and if I walked out into the hall and he called my name that I would not hear him. So many just do not understand what we are dealing with and I guess I was one of those people at one time. Again, thanks for your input and best of luck to you. :slight_smile:

Please please come back with a report.

My audi seemed to think he could adjust my aids for a better performance. I had feedback and some other issues and there was improvement but I didn’t have the time to really test them and then I realized that hearing speech in difficult situations is the exception not the rule. I am not a teacher, nor a clerk in a shop and so this problem comes up rarely.

So first, I wasn’t able to test in in the situations where they are supposed to benefit me. And second, even if they DID improve the hearing of speech, it would be a cost benefit analysis for me and I decided it was not worth it. I am at home alone working or online or reading and I simply don’t need hearing assistance in this lifestyle.

BluSu your situation is very different from mine and I would like to hear your report. And of course your hearing loss may be very different from mine and so it highlights how individual all the cases are.

Good luck

Ditto on defjef request for a report back on the subject.
I have been reading these forums regularly as I have decided to finally do something about a ten year old need for hearing help. All my research has led me to a belief that the open ear concept is for me and two audis at least tentatively agree. Today I went to one of them for a demo on the Vivatone and was truly amazed. I am not about to jump in without completing my homework, but I was impressed with the fact that the aids did EVERYTHING
they claimed and I thought they were reaching with some of the claims. They were skeptical about it working in my right ear as the high frequency loss was almost off the bottom of the chart. They said that this would probably require so much amplification that the feedback would be unliveable.
We agreed to try to it anyway and feedback was was almost nonexistant.
I had to hold my hand cupped around my ear to get feed back and then the aid would cancel it so fast that I almost missed it. I was able to do it with both ears, but could not get it to happen in any other situation than forcing it.
The aids were so light and comfortable that I found myself touching them to be sure they were still there. I don’t mean to sound like a Vivatone ad but I was impressed. I tried them for about an hour walking on a street with heavy traffic, an office with plenty of clutter noise and quiet areas. All with the audi walking behid me talking in normal levels and I did not miss a word.
Before I go back for a more thorough trial, I would appreciate any input anyone can give me on this brand and/or concept (speaker in ear).
Thanks for this educational medium, it is being of great help.


I have used the Vivatone’s extensively also. They and Sebo Tek were the first to introduce the receiver in the ear design. Now, most manufacturers also offer the technology, coupled with more processing and noise reduction capabilities.

Yet, I believe, in my exprience, that the Vivatone M44’s are the smallest and lightest hearing aids out there, and deal with feedback extremely well. I also find their receiver canal lock works the best and I can place the receiver excatly where I want to, versus some other models.

Thus, although the core processing may not be comprable to other name brand instruments, if they work well and correct the hearing loss well, then that is all that really matters.

Please post your experiences with them when you trial them for a period of time.