Need aids adjusted

My ITE hearing aids, equipped with ANDRO 32 processors, are about 2 years old. I do not hear as well with them now as I did initially. I am in need of an audiologist (or whoever) that can and will perform a new test and adjust my aids to meet my current hearing needs. After a car gets a few miles on it and needs some updating, there are plenty of competent mechanics willing to render that work for a fee. Every hearing aid business that I know of only want to sell me a new pair of aids. Do any of you know of an audiologist, preferably in the Plano/North Dallas area, that can and will do what I need?


I think you mean ADRO. This type of hearing aid is usually sold at Sam’s Club, Meijer, Cabela’s, and America Hears. One of these retail hearing aid centers should be able to make the adjustments that you need.

Yes,sorry I didn’t catch that sp. error. Thanks for the info. I have been told by an experienced audiologist that America Hears makes many brands of aids in addition to that bearing their name. Thanks for your info.

Where did you get them? Usually you would get them checked and adjusted by the pro who dispensed them to you, especially after only 2 years. Adjustments are normally bundled into the price for a period of time.

I second what those above have said: definitely head to your local Sam’s Club and talk to the person in the Hearing Aid Center. They will want to re-test you since it has been 2 years since you have been adjusted, and hearing loss can change with time. And then they will reprogram your aids based on your new aids. There is never any charge for re-testing you and re-programming your aids. You don’t need to be a Sam’s Club member to go to the Hearing Center, just tell the person at the door that you’re going to the Hearing Center and they will let you by, if they are asking to see your membership card. I did a quick search online, and there is a Sam’s Club with a Hearing Center in Plano. Their address is: 8621 Ohio Dr., Plano, TX 75024. If you want to call ahead, the phone number is 972-335-3511.

PS-It sounds like you purchased your hearing aids from America Hears? As far as I know, there should be no reason why the Hearing Center at Sam’s Club can’t service your aids for you, as they are the exact same aids that you could buy through them, made by the same company, but under a different brand name. But if they somehow can’t service them, I would contact America Hears and they will help you get your aids reprogrammed.

Hope this is helpful!