Need advise on adjustments


I think you are right. I seem to have confused people about what I’m talking about or I’m confused which is very likely. I’ve worn HAs for 10 years now and I still don’t understand them like I would like to.
I just think if I could find an Audi that would really listen to me and had the desire to actually help me I could get this issue fixed but I just can’t seem to find one that is interested in me once I’ve paid for the aids.
I know I’m probably being cynical but it is just so frustrating and they act like well if this adjustment doesn’t work or you don’t like it you can just come back. It’s not that easy. I work full time and have a lot of other responsibilities after I’m off work plus they are rarely in their offices at a time that doesn’t require me to us half a day PTO time.
Just frustrating and it shouldn’t be this way!

Sorry for the rant but just frustrated and I know going back and using more of my PTO time and I’ll still end up not being able to hear good.


Everything you said sounds just like me and my issues. I actually asked the Audi if she thought a longer wire would help so the aids would fit deeper in my ears and she said they didn’t need to go very far in my ears but they do or I also have the muffled sounds when people are talking to me and when I talk to. Once they start riding back out I can’t even understand myself.
I am going to ask again about the longer wire and different domes.
Every Audi I have had so far acts like my small canals are very rare but from my reading and researching I don’t believe it is that rare; just more complicated.
I think I’m going to print out what you have suggested and take with me in hopes that she will understand what I’m saying. I know I have a hard time explaining my issues sometimes.



I went back last week to see AUDI to see if we couldn’t get the aids adjusted better. I am still so frustrated and at a loss as what to ask for anymore.

AUDI did make a couple more adjustments like putting a smaller, double dome on right one which helps a lot with the pain it was causing from being so big with the bigger receiver. This caused a lot of feedback so I asked her to run the feedback manager which she did but she also said I may just have to put up with the feedback because she said the only thing the feedback manager does is lower the gain so that I would be right back to not being able to hear out of that ear again.

I also told her I am hearing way worse in noisy environments than before she make any adjustments and asked her if she couldn’t make some adjustments for noisy environments like restaurants and she said not really. That the aids can’t distinguish between whether the noises are from someone speaking behind me or actual noise So they either lower sounds for everything or nothing.
At this point I’m just confused. One of the selling points for these aids was the ability to hear better in noisy situations.
Also since she made first adjustments now I feel both aids in my ears all the time whereas before I never felt the left one and now also feel just a little occlusion on the left side but the right side is awful.

I did tell her that maybe I am expecting too much but that I did paid a lot of money for these aids and I want to be able to hear people talk to me and be able to understand what they are saying and be able to listen to music. She was very nice when she told me that how everyone hears music is their own perception of it but hell, I just want to hear and understand the words. That’s all I want is to understand the words of music or people or tv.

I explained that neither aid sounds clear now and the right one sounds like a busted speaker.

She says they are set up according to my REM so they should be where they need to be but I can’t hear people talk now. They aren’t loud enough and there is no clarity at all.

I went ahead and made another appointment for this week so I am wandering if anyone can answer these questions for me so I’ll know what to say to her.

  1. Could it be that the bass or something is set too high which makes the right one sound like a busted speaker? My husband thinks it could be a bass issue.

  2. Are there any adjustments that will help with clarity?

  3. If they are set up by the REM test, does that mean I shouldn’t need adjustments? I can’t hear out of them as well as I could before she ran the REM. Not near as well.

Am I expecting too much to be able to understand the words of music and people?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I do try so hard to work with my Audi’s but I hate leaving their office every time knowing they aren’t right and in the verge of tears.


I don’t know if this would help you, but I have Oticon BTE’s and use Hearos ear plugs to keep them from slipping. It is especially helpful when streaming.


What are Hearos? Are they just for the brand aids you have or something anyone can use with any brand?


Bass too low might cause distortion, also lack of clarity.

Although they don’t like to do it now, lowering compression may make it louder and clearer. Try the music program. If that is clearer the pro can set you up a similar program for all-around.


If a power receiver and a double dome can fit in your ear, an encased custom mold can fit in your ear. If it’s not right the first, second or third time, make them do it again until it’s is comfortable. The hearing aids should be comfortable, and you should be able to hear in quiet situations with minimal feedback.

Whether you will be able to hear in noise with these hearing aids alone is not something that we can know from your audiogram.


Ok thanks for responding. I appreciate it


if you wear double doom loosely sounds will be comfortable and you will not discover occlusion whats result?


The double dome plus the power receiver feels my ear so much that is just feels full and this is a small double dome (dark gray).
My ear still feel plugged up but not as bad as it was before we switched to double dome. I am going back this week and see if she can’t make some adjustments to the bass and on the right one and lower some frequencies and maybe raise others. I just want to understand words and have as much clarity as possible


no fullness related to physicall property just put double doom in ear and not to extent you feel closed but just incerted till you fill like open voice comming i also have small ear and using 10/12 doom with siemens/signia


I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion.


I looked up the Hearos and I use something very similar in the shower to keep water out of my ears. My question is how do you keep those in your ear along with the domes? Just seems like a lot. Do you just push those in on top of your domes?


I was thinking maybe the bass was too high but you think it being to low would cause more occlusion and distortion? I have a busted speaker sound in the right aid which was what made me think too much bass.


I was getting some distortion when I tried the vented click-sleeves. If I put my fingers in my ears to seal, the distortion went away and the sound was clear. A pro on the forum, Rasmus, suggested I was losing bass because of the vent.

If you have a vented dome to test with, the vent would lose some bass. You could experiment with that.


I’ll check and if I do I’ll try that thatnks