Need advice

Good morning,

I’m 44 years old and have been wearing hearing aids since I was 30. I’m on my second set now and they are 7 years old. The right one broke last week (telephone switch) and my audiologist advised me not to spend $250 to repair it because I need to buy new hearing aids. But since I have one child in college and one in braces…money is not available.

I think that when my medical spending kicks in in January, I can at least buy a left hearing aid but how can I get through until then? Has anyone used the hearing amplifiers? I thought I might could get one of those for $30-50 and make it for a couple of months.

Any thoughts or advice?


Tough one, I would say that in general you dont want to do that., for example is one aid is fitted with NAL-N1 (fitting formula) you want the other ear to be fitted with the same formula. And ofcourse you want to have both hearing aids balanced… it seems to me, that given the situation you are better off not wearing anyting…

If the money is tight I would suggest
GO PRO - Oticon
Phonak - UNA
Resound - PIXEL or Plus 5

and ofcourse there are many others, I like the go pro a lot but the Una seems to me like a better value…

However, GN is something to consider…

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Maybe I’m missing something I should be considering, but at first blush, if the only thing wrong is the phone coil, MY solution would be to take all phone calls to the undamaged aid in your LEFT EAR until you wil the lottery.
I presume both aids have the telephone switch?

if the t coil is working maybe an artone could help with the phones


If you find value in fixing the phone switch right now and can afford it… then do it.

That’s my open opinion. The phone switch is more important for some people than others, and if you enjoy using it, then why not fix it? $250 seems like a fair price.

I would hate to see you not wear any hearing aid then keep that one in a drawer until you can afford a new set.

Only you know the value of your hearing!

If you are working and need hearing aids to perform the functions of your job, Vocational Rehabilitation will provide you with new hearing aids and anything else that you may need concerning your hearing at no charge or with a minimal fee. All states have regional Vocational Rehabilitation offices!!:slight_smile: Please let me know if you need further information!