Need advice for new hearing aid

Hello! I’m currently looking for a hearing aid. I have moderate hearing loss in my right ear due to Meniere’s disease over 15 years or so, with moderate tinnitus. I really would just like some input from others, and to know how to work with an audiologist in an intelligent manner.

I’d really like to be able to hear conversations on the right side again, especially in noisy environments (restaurants, malls). To be honest I’d like something as small and unobtrusive as possible. I’m 40, and pretty active. At first I was mainly considering CIC aids, but the some of the newer aids (resound dot, oticon delta) look appealing.

I had a brief consult with one audiologist, who suggested:
Eleva Phonak
Oticon Tego pro
Resound Pixel
Siemen’s Artis 2

All were within about $300 in pricing for CIC aids.

My last audiogram (if I’m reading it correctly) was:

L Hz R
20 250 45
20 500 45
10 1000 50
10 2000 45
15 3000 60
30 4000 60
25 6000 65
45 8000 55

Other questions:

  1. How does a BTE type aid deal with sunglasses?
  2. How often do you run into squealing, pops, wind noise, etc with some of the newer aids? Is any one manufacturer better at dealing with it than others?
  3. How much difference is there between the mid and high range products? I mean on things such as comfort, noise blocking, etc.
  4. Is an open fit OTE aid appropriate for my hearing profile?

Like I said, I really just want to be able to work well with the audiologist I select, and have some opinions from others. Thanks for your time!

I’m not a fan of open fit for you, at least for the right ear. You are really borderline, and if your hearing deteriorates any more you could run into problems.

So my suggestion is CICs. You can get a really big almost open fit vent for the left ear, and a smaller vent for the right.

Personally, I think you should look at what Starkey have to offer. They didn’t become the largest American hearing aid company by accident. Their Destiny 1200 or 1600 is really impressive for a younger active person who wants to hear well in noisy situations.

Thanks for the advice. Most appreciated.

Hi rat

First of all, I’m not a hearing professional, but I’d like to try to answer a couple of your questions. I were a pair of Phonak microEleva open fit BTE aids, and while it looks like you aren’t necessarily a good candidate for open fit, I can share how the microEleva is working for me. In quiet environments, they work great. I’ve gotten a major improvement in speech recognition. In noisy environments, they help, but I wish they had a little more directionality. Still, certainly better with them, than without. Realistic expectations, right? I have no problems with feedback, pops or other strange noises. While I’m really happy with these, I wish now that I had gone with a high-end instrument, like the Savia Art. From what I read, high-end hearing aids tend to do better in noisy places. As for talking with your Audiologist, this is a great start. Read everything you can, use the “search button” here to find info you’re interested in, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, both here and with your Audi. When you’re looking to pick a hearing aid, it’s critical that you choose something with which your Audiologist has extensive experience. A mid-range HA can sound better than a top-end instrument, if it’s programmed by an expert and the top-end HA is programmed by a novice. :eek: Truth! So, welcome to the forums and we hope to hear more from you.


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my advice, dicht the Tego pro and try a Vigo… if oticon is what you want to get…
Most mid price instrument (current) out performs last generation high end instrument…

If you want to get GN, wait till the ZIGA will be release in 1 or 2 months time… it should be a bit inferior to the Vigo

Another possible mid price instrument is the Unitro Next

Thanks, I met with a second audiologist and did ask about Oticon. In the end I went ahead and ordered an Artis 2 cic. My decision was partially based on the aid, but mostly based on the audiologist. After talking to her for an hour I’m pretty confident of her ability to tweak the aid properly.

I should have it in 2 weeks! I’ve really appreciated getting more information on these forums, I’ll post how things go when it arrives.

I have always suggest to get an instrument that your audi is well familiar with …