Need advice for best hearing aid for my mother

Your hearing loss is also substanitally different than hers.

But yes, 59 is young. I must have missed that and was imagining her much older.

I can’t imagine dealing with the heat of Egypt and wearing a hearing aid. Clearly sweat is going to be a huge factor.

The folks on here will guide you well, as they gather more information from you and discuss it amongst themselves. Best wishes to you and to your mum.

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@kikimoon_2010 Have you heard of Ear Gear, they help protect hearing aids from water and sweat.

I use them all the time in the summer.

Maybe also invest in a good dryer system due to the moisture?

It’s available in the UK and USA already.

I didn’t know the Bolero Marvel SP was available, is it available in England?

The SP is available in England. The Sky M SP is also available in the USA. A young women from the USA has posted that she has got them, on a Facebook group I admin.

I had seen the Sky SP but not the Bolero SP.

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@Neville Yea. i decided to take BTE for her. It will be more easier than RIC especially in ordering
by online.
-About your questions : “If you are buying them online, who are you getting to fit them for you? Where are you getting the earmold?
There are more Professional Aid Centrals i can contact with them for making Custom Earmold. It’s so easy thing. That’s why i said BTE is easier than RIC.
-Another thing : “A correctly fit entry level hearing aid from 5 years ago will perform better than a poorly fit top level current hearing aid.
Do you mean old chipset like Widex DREAM 110 that she wore is better than the newest chipset like Marvel ? Man, i won’t think in changing or upgrading. I wanna buy something to keep with her for long years.

@Zebras Bolero Marvel SP is not launched yet, Man. Only Sky Marvel SP is launched.
Bolero Marvel has now 2 models : M and P-R
I checked the website of UK and USA like you said but it’s not exist. Take a look on the website again.

So finally, maybe i decided to wait Bolero Marvel SP. I think it gonna be a very good choice for her.
If there are any suggestions, please tell me :slight_smile:

This is probably a good choice. I think the SP version is coming out in February. At least, I read that somewhere.

If it does not, I would go for the Oticon S BTE PP - if you want a BTE.

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Yes, differences due to fit can be a lot bigger than differences due to chipset. If a hearing aid is poorly fit, it won’t necessarily function any better than an off-the-shelf PSAP.

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Can you explain to me more simply ?
Because i’m new in Hearing Aids information and more technical things i don’t know it.

Step by Step.

I would agree. Getting the REM done and the fitting vent size correct is more important than the hearing aid bells and whistles.

I’ll give it a shot. I think what Neville and others are saying is that that the most advanced hearing aid in the world is not going to be very effective if it’s poorly adjusted by the audiologist/hearing aid fitter. Many just input the audiogram, let the software do it’s thing and call it good. The result is unlikely to be satisfactory. One would be much better off to have a less “advanced” hearing aid and have somebody verify that it’s generating the prescribed amplification (via REM–Real Ear Measurement) and then making adjustments based on personal preference.

Do you mean i should take M70 not M90 ?

After i will take the HA from the store, i will test it with my mum for 1month and gonna see what’s wrong. If there are any problems, I will go to a famous audiologist to adjust it and make it so comfortable for her. Or if i found it not adjusted enough by the hearing aid store, i will go directly to the audiologist to adjust it immediately.

Premium features of Marvel is so awesome. I don’t wanna miss 1 feature of it with Advanced. I think it’s only 200 euro between them. It’s ok i don’t mind, but enough for me to keep it with her for long years.

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Either M70 or M90 is fine. What we’re saying is that if the M90 isn’t adjusted well, it will be worse than a well adjusted M70.

and how i can make it adjusted and completed 100% ? through who ?

Through an audiologist or other hearing professional that is willing to spend time with your Mom and who listens and communicates well.

The M90 aids have a better AutoSense (automatic program changing) than the M70 aids. The M90 aids also have Echoblock I believe it’s called.
If money is not an issue buy the M90 aids.
The hearing aid programming can make a big difference on how happy your mom will be with the aids.
You mentioned she tried the M70 aids and was very happy. That tells me you have a good fitter. She was happy.
It sounds like you are all set to a good hearing aid experience.

The first thing you need is for fittings to be selected. Ideally your mom should use custom molds that would have to be ordered based on an impression taken of her ears. The vent size in the molds has to be set correctly. Next when the molds are received, then you need to have the hearing aid to be programmed to the prescription curve. A NAL-NL2 prescription curve should work well for your mom. The computer will attempt to program the hearing aids to produce the sound level gains shown in the graph below. The top lighter line is the amplification for soft sounds, the middle heavier line is the gain for normal sounds, and the lower line is the gain for loud sounds. However, what your mom actually gets in her ears will most likely be different. So, the next step in fitting is to use very tiny microphones in the ear canals behind the hearing aid fitting to measure the actual real ear sound levels - Real Ear Measurement. Then the fitter adjusts the gains so they match the desired prescription curve.