Need advice choosing a hearing aid for my 15 year old daughter

Considering either the phonak paradise or the signia pure ax series. She has moderate hearing loss. Most important is where she will hear better in different situations. Which switches better automatically between different nose environments? Or any other considerations?
Many thanks in advance, Jonathan

@jonathan1 Welcome to the forum.
Could you post her audiogram if she’s got one?
Also, is there a healthcare system in your country that takes care of kinagers?

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You’ll need to let her trial a few different brands/models, as only she can make the required decision what works best for her, don’t make a choice on price or any particular brand given that only your daughter knows what she can hear, both Signia and Phonak are good brands,do also consider the quality of functions in the App (important for young people) but so are others, as she’s still young at just 15, hopefully your government will cover the actual price or at least subsidize most of it.


@jonathan1: Welcome, jonathan. Considering that your young daughter is already in need of hearing aids, and with due deference to the experience and knowledge of Forum members, I hope you have entrusted her diagnosis and treatment to the proper medical/hearing care professionals, rather than attempting to treat her yourself.


Every response you have received so far is incredibly important and really should be read more than once. Hearing aids are not like eyeglasses where you can pick out what you have been told is best and the problem is solved. Hopefully you are dealing with professionals and not basing your decisions on say a school hearing test. The best anyone can really do on this form is direct you in the right direction towards a group of aids that work based on your daughters audiogram. This is why the request for the audiogram. But keep in mind that the aids must be programmed based on the audiogram. You just can’t buy aids put them in and now you can hear. And finally, and I’m a big advocate of this, and has also been mentioned, a trial period. All aids are not the same. The people on this forum can tell you. Those of us with similar losses do not all wear the same brand aids. Some of us chose phonak, some chose oticon etc. Your daughter is the only one who can make that decision. Your daughter and her brain will also need time to get used to wearing the aids and listening through them.Coming to this forum is a great step in the right direction. Listen closely to the advice you have already received. It can save you a lot of grief later on. Last but not least. Hearing aids help, then don’t fix. Your daughters loss, however it came about, will probably always be with her. She will still find herself in situations where her aids may not be as helpful as hoped. That’s the way it works. Take your time and please come back here with any questions you may have. So far all your questions have been answered with questions. Unfortunately there’s nothing cut and dry when it comes to hearing loss


@hass5744: Great post, hass, as are all the others … I hope @jonathan1 will accept the good guidance.

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I think back to being that age and I definitely would have prefered to not have aids dangling from my ears. Maybe that isn’t a concern these days for younger people but if so, maybe something like the Eargo or Lyric or a small custom in ear aid. Or something like the Jabra Enhance Plus that looks more like bluetooth headphones. Just thinking a little outside the box

At 15, she would probably still be better off seeing a pediatric audiologist.

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