Need A Solution from the Experts (TV)

So, I’ve been reading the forum and see quite a few topics involving television, but I don’t see one that might solve my problem. If I use bluetooth, only I can hear the TV.

Is there a head set that amplifies the sound from the television, so that my wife can listen at normal volume, and I can crank it up?

My hearing aids allow me to fine tune the bass and treble but not to my liking. Regardless of the settings, music always sounds a little tinny or screechy.

So far, internet searches have turned up zero for me.

Any advice would be appreciated.

It might help if you gave us a little bit more information. What brand of HAs do you have and how are you streaming from the TV.

I have Phonak Marvel M-50R’s and use the Phonak TV adaptor to stream sound from the TV. My adaptor sound is completely independent of the TV speaker so I can regulate it from my HA’s or the adaptor itself. The TV sound is completely independent and can be adjusted with the TV remote. When no one else is in the room, I can turn down the TV speaker volume to zero and there is no sound in the room. If there are others in the room they can adjust the TV sound to their liking.

I hope this helps.

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You need to connect your bluetooth streaming device to audio out from the back panel of your TV as shown in the picture below.

Then you control the volume to your ears from your streaming device or HAs, while your wife control the volume to her ears with the volume knob on the TV or remote. You and your wife will control the volumes independently to each other.


Your TV’s back panel might look different. If you provide more information on your bluetooth streaming device and TV, there are many people in this forum who can help you set it up correctly.

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Just FWIW, nearly all TV devices use the Optical output in the middle of your picture.

This system seems to work well as the signal has minimal latency, relative to the screen output. And it usually leaves the TV speaker output alone.

This is usually beneficial as the spouse can set the TV level on the speakers that suits them, while the HA wearer can set a comfortable level/mix of sound on their App or on the TV device itself.

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You don’t specify your audio source, but if it is the TV, or a soundbar, as Um_bongo states, the optical out connected to your TV streamer is the best solution.
This is a HUGE problem for anyone who feeds the audio out through HDMI to an AVR.Most AVR’s do not even have an audio out, so the only solution is the Headphone jack, and of course, no one else will hear the audio.
Be aware, that you will not get “HI Fi” sound out of your hearing aids, but your Audi can adjust bass boost, and gain in the programming settings to get decent sound.
Custom ear molds will definitely help make the audio sound better, too.

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Whe you say, “TV Device,” what are you referring to? An after market blue tooth device?

No, a TV Streamer that uses the same communications protocol as your hearing instruments.

These integrate seamlessly with you hearing aids, have minimal latency and are mixable with the hearing aid mic input using your phone app.

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Thanks. I’ll try to decipher that. I have Siemens Signia hearing instruments. I’ll contact the company to see if they have recommendations.

Do you own the Streamline Mic or an easyTek?

I have no idea what those things are. Pretend I’m an idiot…

I’ll contact Easy Tek. I need to know that their device won’t cancel out the sound from the television for other watchers. Also, I don’t want there to be some mild echo delay in streaming. Thanks.

That’s the reason for using the Optical output. You feed the Streamline TV unit with the optical signal and it doesn’t affect the speakers and should have minimal latency.