Neckloop options

Are there any other neckloops that will work with Phonak Audeo S Smart 9’s besides the Icom and Compilot? They seem awfully expensive.
If so, will the Duophone still work, and how are they set up to work with Phonak aids?

Any neckloop along as you have your telecoil set up. They work with the telecoil.

something to think about how often and how long do you intend to wear the loop??

even low power radiation builds up in concentrated locations over time = tumors.
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yea they use things like oh its less than background radiation which is white lie

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The Smart 9’s don’t have a t-coil, so maybe my only choice is the Icom or Compilot?
I’ve had the HA’s for almost a week, and go in for adjustments on Wednesday, but the phone program picks up and amplifies so much background noise that I can’t use it.
What I THINK would be optimal for my situation and surroundings would be streaming audio from the phone to both ears, and the mics shut off so no background noise is mixed in…Possible with bluetooth??? Maybe the present phone program tweaked so the right side aid shuts off the mic and background noise is suppressed in the left?. That would help, but can that be done?
I’m very surprised at how far my hearing has deterioriated, but really started this whole thing to make understanding on the phone better.
Thanks, ba
BTW, If BT is the way to go, I have ordered 2 Jabra A7010 bluetooth hubs. If we get the phone program working to my satisfaction, I’ll have these for sale. (they are hard to find).

Sytamra, Have your Tech turn off or turn down the mics when in the Bluetooth “stream” mode. I have Ambra H20s and a ComPilot and use the Bluetooth every day with no background noise. When the initial fitting was done about a month ago, I had the same problem you are facing. If I turned up the stream volume, the background noise came up too. Now, I can get the phone call to an extreme level if I need to. Your Tech should know how to re-group the ComPilot and go into a screen that allows the Mics to be turned off, way down etc… and turn up the stream volume. Mine works fantastic and as I said, I use it every day in both social and business environments. My phone is an iPhone but I’ve paired the ComPilot with my office phones which also have Bluetooth capability and love it!

Thanks so much for the response. I went back to the audi today and he made some major improvements overall. (only had them for a week) The phone situation is marginally better cause he turned the right side mic off when in the phone program which does cut the amplified background noise a bit, but It is still unusable for the 40 or 50 phone calls I field each day. I told him the bluetooth situation with the mics turned off would be optimal and he agreed. I have ordered 2 Jabra A7010 bluetooth hubs, one for home and one for work. Now I just have to come up with $500 for the Compilot! The MC1 lapel mic maybe a good idea as well, but I don’t know how the outgoing sound would be compared to the compilot itself, nor do I have a price on it.
Thanks again.

Reading the downloaded user guide for the compilot, it says the volume control will turn down the hearing aid volume, but does not say if that is turning down the mics and leaving the bluetooth volume thru the hearings aids alone. Kind of confusing. If I read into it, the compilot volume control would shut the mics down and the streaming audio would only be changed by the phone’s own volume control. IF that is the case, it would be a simple thing to just answer the call and turn the mics down to eliminate unwanted background noise.
Does anyone know for sure?

Sytamra, The ComPilot mics are really very good compared with some of the others such as the ICom. I’ve used the lapel mic ($100.00 approx. I think…) and it works well. I don’t need one as I keep the ComPilot under my shirt and the mics work fine. When I’m in the car, I pull it out of my shirt to give a little more volume to the listener. The volume controls on the ComPilot raise both the mics in the HAs as well as the Bluetooth stream so when you would turn it down, you’d also be turning down the caller’s voice. My HA mics are WAY down and background noise is minimal if there’s any at all. In a VERY noisy environment such as an Expo or at a club, I can still turn the volume of the stream up if I need to and still not get too much backgound noise coming thru. I was going to have the mics turned all the way off (it’s only a click in the Target software) but frankly it’s working fine where it is. Have them turn up the stream volume, turn the mics down or off. In my case we also turned up some of the mid-range 1.5k to give a more rounded sound when streaming. It took away some of the “scratch” as my loss is in the high freq range. Good luck and keep your audi working with you on it. I couldn’t be happier with mine! Tom