Neck Loop technology

Evidence indicates that T-Coil technology doesn’t work with neck loops.
How does Signia connect their hearing aids with the EasyTek streamer(neck loop)?
Is the technology used by other Hearing Aid manufacturers?
Several entries here have been critical of EasyTek reliability and operation.
Can anyone recommend a streamer/Hearing Aid combination that has been reliable and operates well?
I will appreciate all suggestions/advice.

From a survey of hearing aid providers, Resound has the best reputation for “connectivity.” It fits with my impression of comments around here. A Resound Linx 3D (or Forte 8 from Costco), a PhoneClip and a Multimic would be a very nice setup. There are others that have the capability (or supposedly soon will), but for tried and true, I’d say Resound.

member55: I don’t know how you come to that “evidence”. The t-coils in my KS7’s work fine. I can get sound from both an aftermarket neck loop and a home made hearing loop. Sounds tinny but it works fine. I don’t have any opinion on the factory loops like the Easytek other than I’d like one (Rexton Smart Connect) but they’re a bit pricey.
I’d be interested to know the “technology” used in these factory neck loops too. I get mono with the aftermarket loop (and floor loop) but the factory one claims stereo ability.