Neanderthals with swimmer's ear

Thought it was a fun article. Neanderthals suffered from a veritable epidemic of swimmer’s ear | Ars Technica

This reminds me of archeologists digging up stuff from waaaay back and coming up with how things were waaaay back then. To some degree they may be right but there is a little glamorization on TV.

My first thought about this swimmers ear article was man was outside in the weather all the time, cold and wet. The genetics idea sounds pretty good. Neanderthal man didn’t continue. The swimmers ear issue wasn’t the only problem.

Fun article.

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I find this very interesting! I always enjoy reading about discoveries into prehistoric life, and it is neat to come up with hypotheses about what they did or what caused certain conditions the fossils are found in. It is a mysterious window into the past, I love seeing how scientists use the clues left to try and see into their lives! It is also interesting to see how ancient people had similar medical ailments to many that still trouble us today. Apparently swimmer’s ear has plagued us for longer that we knew (much longer than recreational swimming!), maybe we should change the term to Neander-ear! :smile:

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