Nasal voices and other oddities

I am wearing my new Phonak Ambra MicroP hearing aids. Once again, I am having trouble with voices. They all sound nasal and blurred. What type of adjustment is needed to help with this? Also, with the new stereo zoom feature, is there any noise suppression? I cant believe how loud the background noise is while in the stereo zoom mode. Any insights on this? Thanks for your time…

I’d suggest that you ask your audi to call the Phonak rep in…

symptoms of too much compression and not enough low end, possibly too much 500 to 750 Hz. Go back to your dispenser have them adjust the aids properly- ask them if the have a hearing aid tester, so they can see what the aid is doing while it is in your ear.

IF they do not, then ask them to make the proper corrections, and take the time to make sure the the re- adjustments are correct for you. Do not leave the office until you are happy. If the dispenser does not want to make the corrections, does not want to take the time to call the hearing aid maker for assistance, and tries to tell you that you are being “too picky” or “you are being difficult” then return the aids and look for a better dispenser. There are good, well trained audiologists who know what they are doing, and can provide you the support you need.

Interestingly enough, I also get a lot of background noise when in Stereo Zoom. I’m waiting for my next visit to see what the Phonak rep can do.

Thanks everyone for your advice. All my audi asks is “how does my voice sound now?” In a quiet room, I’m supposed to know whether or not the hearing aid sounds right based on her little voice. This is a well regarded ENT/Otologist Clinic that also provides cochlear implants. You’d would think they’d have a better system for testing the fit. I’m going to hang tough on this one, if I’m not satisfied with the programming, I’ll return them. The stereo-zoom is a big disappointment. What is it’s use if you cant understand the voice it amplifies? I understand there are some adjustments that can be made to the stereo zoom program and I’ll giver her a chance to improve that. The only thing that seems to work well on these is the t-coil…as always!!