Nal-rp vs. dsl 5.0 (adult) vs. other programming?

Hi, I just today received a Sumo DM Pro hearing by Oticon from my audiologist.

She set it to the ‘General’ setting for the first setting.

For the #2 setting, she set it to NAL-RP for the second (she seemed to arbitrarily choose this), which she said is more similar to my old analog Oticon E39PL, I believe she said it was ‘linear.’

She said the #1 setting, ‘General,’ is a ‘true’ digital hearing aid setting.

#3 is the telecoil, which works, but apparently is susceptible to an annoying buzz around some electrical equipment.

Anyway, I would appreciate as many comments as possible about different programming settings for Oticons…

She wanted me to wait till my next visit in two (2) weeks to do real ear testing etc.

The whole aid picks up a lot of sounds that my old aid never did…I’ll have to wear it for several days to have its novelty wear off etc., sigh…

Thank you, Tom