NAL Mask Adjustments to overcome the effect of face masks for hearing aid users

Since I got my new aids in June I haven’t had any issues with friends wearing their mask. And no issues with understanding speech in noisy background either.

My already stinky word recognition has plummeted due to mask usage. My Audi did a remote adjustment that helped a little, but I still have a major problem, as I am a serious lip reader…

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Major nightmare for me…this mask crap.

Multimic and Select have been incredibly helpful


It all depends on your loss. Making the changes to your hearing aids that are suggested may help some. To others it won’t make any difference. Just like hearing aids

With me, it is those plexiglass shields that seem to be everywhere nowadays. I often try to stick my head to the side in order to hear. Then, it is only the mask. I find that people with normal hearing are even more aggravated by the loss of intelligibility than I am.

Those plexiglass shields pretty much have been tested and don’t protect you very well if at all. So be careful. Most people wear a mask plus the shield

Maybe they don’t protect you very well because everybody is leaning to the side to hear you! :rofl: