Nail file to smooth a hardshell ear mold?


Has anyone done this? I’ve been to the audi recently but although she buffed my hearing aid, it made no difference. There’s a part of the mold that sticks out. I dearly want to avoid the back and forth routine. Has anyone made their mold more comfortable to wear by filing down the rough edge?



I would be very careful here. I’m not sure where you’re looking to fine down, but you risk sound leaking out and a resulting feedback/whistle.



I’ve not done this and I’m not sure if I would. But if I had gotten past that decision, I would not use a nail file. There is a type of sandpaper known as wet-or-dry that I think would work well. It has a very uniform abrasive surface and it comes in multiple grit sizes. It can be purchased at any auto or hardware store. I would start with something finer than a nail file and perhaps finish up with something still finer.

Take off the minimum amount that satisfies and work slowly! Perhaps work in stages — remove a bit and then wear for a day before removing more.



Yep. I have filed on almost every one I’ve had.



My first audi had to make a lot of adjustments to make my moulds comfortable. When I broke one, the replacement was fitted by his partner. The new guy couldn’t get them quite right, but encouraged me to try using a nail file wherever I thought it was causing pain. I wasn’t too thrilled with his solution, but I did it, and it worked.

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I’ve had both buffing and nail polish put on my hard shell aids in years past - to either whittle down a protrusion or bulk things up a bit.

NEITHER works! My audi buffed a spot so much it became like a translucent windowpane.

Your dear audi needs to listen to YOU - who paid a bundle for these aids - and do the mold over again. You could consider paying the full price or half price - but I’d hunker down and offer NOTHING. No one should sell a medical device that does not fit.

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I’m going to agree with Bluejay here. While I have used a nail file on my mould with success, I would strongly recommend having the mould remade.