Naidas and Camera Flashes

I’m still within the Naida trial period and should have the iCom very soon.

Just a very strange user experience note: I was at an awards ceremony last night and any camera flash behind me within say 20’ actually made my Naida’s crackle. If I turned my head away from the camera flashes behind me, they stopped crackling. If the flash was behind me on the right side, it would crackle in the right ear, and the same for the left. It was almost as if it had to be exposed to the flash to make it crackle. The crackle sound was like a quick electronic interference noise or maybe like a digital clipping noise. Has anybody noticed this? How can this be explained?

I am a professional photographer (mostly stock and the occasional shoot for a private event) and I am also a Naida user. I can’t say that i have noticed anything at all with the camera flash. My hearing is very bad though, it is possible it is there but I can’t hear it.