naida is due to release next month
while I have not yet seen the full specs
I like to see what novel features it will have…
As the water resistant and the wireless thing is something siemens introduce a while ago…
the design of their web page does look nice

Threesome Tube

im puzzle that it did not introduce it @ the AAA

perhaps they are waiting for the AAA for more products
that would be cool

Although the AAA , this year did not brought anything to sofisticated or modern (ie: Audeo is not really something different from alot of things we have seen, and Una while is a good value it does not represent a leap )

I would certainly like to see how the dataloggin in FM is going to work
this is a GOOD idea, Their bluetooth conectivity will probably force
other players to get some sort of similar solution

Suzuki Katana Ay50 History