Naida V UP vs. Naida Q UP

I have been wearing Naida V UP since they first came out. They are OK, I get by, but I need a good Super Power aid. I tried the Starkey 3-series and liked the clarity of sounds better than the Naida V, but I was having to much feedback with the 3-series RITE.

My question, do you think I will notice an improvement from the Naida V to the Naida Q in terms of sound quality? I pretty much liked everything else about my Naida V but I felt the speech was not as good, especially compared to the Starkey. So I was going to try to stay away from Naida all together, but if the only complaint I had about them is now much better, maybe the Naida Q is the way to go?



I don’t think there would be a huge difference in sound between the two. Did you have your pro turn off soundrecover to see if that helped the overall sound quality issues you are having? They can also make it more linear- those might be things to try.

Yes, I turned off Sound recover, sounds better without it for me. I am not saying the Naida V was horrible. Kind of like the difference between a cassette tape and a CD quality difference. Was hoping to hear that the Naida Q would be a noticeable difference from V in terms of sound quality. I though many people were saying the improvements from the Naida Core was more noticeable.