Naida UP Shoes for direct input, how do they work?

I have ordered some Naida UP shoes for direct input (not FM) from my private aud. I looked up what they were and it says you have to change the battery draw and then attach the shoes afterwards.

On my first visit, Phonak only sent the battery draws. My second visit today, they sent the battery draws again and some different type of shoes (not what I researched) for the Naida SP.

I have to go back next week, to get the shoes for Naida UP but have been told the battery draws and shoe will be connected.

What I am curious about is, these new shoes even though for the SP, were the battery draw and shoe connected together. Have Phonak got a new design?

Another thing is, when I was at school and had Phonak superfront aids, the more I took the shoes off the quicker I needed to get new ones. As I have to open the battery draws to turn of the Naida, will these fail quicker or do they work like the integrated FM battery draw and can be opened as much as possible.

Thank you. :slight_smile: