Naida tech problems!

Hi everyone,

I am on my third week with Naidas and so far have had a few tech problems with them. Right off the bat the left aid wouldn’t connect to the computer. We had to send it back and get a new one. The new one has worked fine.

The right aid has started to turn on and off - without warning - whenever it feels like it. I talked to my audiologist about it and she has ordered me a new aid. Should have it next week.

I also heard from someone on another forum that she had a tech problem with her Naida, it wouldn’t program.

I am wondering if tech problems are common with the Naida? I am curious to hear from other Naida wearers, and some of the professionals here!


Those are interesting issues.

I have had mine for 3 mos. I can report no issues.

I did have a problem for about 2 days where one aid would have the program manually changed, and the other would not automatically change with it - but that was determined to be a battery losing power issue, and the problem has not resurfaced.

Good luck with them, and be patient - I am still getting tweaks done to mine to make things right.

Yesterday I heard a bird chirping on the golf course - I don’t hear things like that every day.

Mine gives me headaches. I just got it without instructions.

I can hear and identify a baby cry 50-60 feet away but I cannot really understand what a person says to me in front of me or on the telephone.

Any Advice?

I have fit many of these already and have had no issues with programming, as this has never been a real issue with Phonak heairng aids, although this can happen from time to time. I don’t think this is really a reoccuring issue.

I have had some users experiencing the aid turning off on it’s own and the wireless functions not operating well. We have found that most of these issues are caused by batteries that do not have enough current to run these. The Naida’s power draw is closer to that of a cochler impant, thus any of our patients that have had these issues, we changed over to either Power One 675 hearing aid batteries or to Cochlear Implant 675 Batteries with no issues.

The Naida and Exelia’s require a much higher draw from the batteries, which in my opinion, is causing these issues, especially in profound hearing losses.

With the Naida SP coming out in June, it will require the use of the Power One Gen X size 13 hearing aid batteries. The way they are built is for higher drain, just as in cochlear batteries.

I’ve had my trial Naidas for two weeks, no issues.

Respectfully - I call BS - so some extent - I have no doubt that what you are saying works - but I do wonder if it really solves anything.

I have had mine since mid March (Naida 7), maybe even earlier - I forget.

I have had 1 technical problem, sometimes (rarely) the one aid when changed to a different program by me, the other does not switch over.

In fact that is part of what you are saying - that is, the batteries are wearing down and while they don’t really need a change, a new battery makes the functionality return.

But - I have ONLY used regular 675s and they have all worked no less than 3 weeks at a time.

I can’t buy that some need somehow more powerful batteries than others, they all come off the same manufacturing line.

My Naidas (plain 675’s) went 2 weeks and 1 day before I had to change them. I had Savias (plain 13’s) and those needed to be changed every 7-9 days.

I wonder if use of the iCom (when it become readily available) will make a difference here with the UP Naidas and plain 675 batteries. We may find the batteries drain quite fast? I know with the exelias (size 13), phonak is recommending that you use the special gen-x batteries to use the wireless functions. I haven’t heard that with the Naidas using 675 batteries, except for the Naida super powers coming out that are also using gen-x 13’s.

I guess I’d like to know why the power ones come so highly recommended by the admin? (Why that brand over some of the others that he sells?). It appears to be a plain jane 675?

I received a load of batteries from my audiologist with purchase. I already had several older ones from Radio Shack.

I believe both are actually ray-o-vac batteries.

Both the ones I got (labeled Sonus), and the radio shack, look nearly identical - including zinc air holes etc.

Both last almost exactly 3 weeks at a time.

I can’t see how one would drain any faster with icom - but I honestly have no idea if they would or would not.

My hearing aid Naida Ultra was given a new set of program instructions. I do not have headaches now. I can hear better than before; however, I do not know if I hear better with my pre-Naida hearing aid.

As for battery power concerns- I cannot offer an opinion at this time.

Good Luck to us all.


New to this forum, so a big Hello!

I heard from my Audiologist yesterday that he is due to be providing me with the new Phonak Naida hearing aids next month - having looked at the phonak website and also judging from what my Audiologist has said, I’m due to expect a pretty big change!
Really looking forward to this as I have been a Phonak user for years before I was given my latest pair (for the last 3 years, Oticon Spirit III’s). The quality of the output from the Oticons astounded me in comparison with the Phonak, but the ‘technology’ of the Oticons were way behind Phonak design (isn’t that always the way!!?).
I’m really intrigued to see whether I can have the best of both worlds and find out if Phonaks’ claim of being the best yet, is going to be true!

If my experience of the sound quality of Oticons compare at all with the new Phonaks, it will seem like I have finally turned a corner after 20 something years of 'if only’s!

I’ll keep you all posted and let you know how I get on!