Naida SP vs. Tego Pro power?

Hi all
we are about to buy new hearing aids for my 11 year old. He has a bilateral sensorineural loss that is moderately severe to severe.
He currently uses digifocus II. His audiologist is going to order in a set of the Naida sp but says they won’t be in until June/July time frame. Now that he’s older I want him to have some input and choices in what he gets. The other one she wants to try is Tego Pro Power.
I was wondering if there is anything newer than the Tego that has enough power for his severe loss. When I asked her about Epoq she said -

The Epoq is NOT for S. It has only up to 115dB of gain (not enough for S; it puts him at the bottom of the fitting range of the aid); it is not FM compatible; it is fragile; and it cost approximately $1700+ per aid.

How about the Vigo? Does it have a super power option and FM compatibility?

no one has any info or specs for this? I’m looking to see if there is something newer than the Tego Pro Power that comes in a super power model to try along side of the Naida sp.


I am a novice, but here is the specs from Oticons site on the Vigo:

You don’t post the audiogram for your son, so it’s hard to know whether other hearing aids will work. The Phonak Exelia also has SP versions, with more features, as well as working wirelessly with the ICOM for bluetooth devices. But it is more expensive.

The other thing to remember is that newer doesn’t always mean better. Especially if he doesn’t need it. My understanding is that with a really severe loss, your just trying to get the gain up enough so that he can hear.

I don’t have a copy of his audiogram in front of me but it’s a cookie bite loss that basically goes from about 40-45 or so db on the left edge down to about 85-90 slightly right of center and then up to about 50-55 on the right edge.

Tego do not have a super power version, you will have to think about a SUMO DM… Now Naidia SP is a newer instrument it should be a better instrument…

Oticon should launch a new SP instrument, if Im correct by EUHA or AAA next year