Naida SP model

Apparently, Phonak has released Naida SP (super power), which is an instrument intended for the moderately severe - to - severe loss category, and which is in contrast to the Naida Ultimate Power (UP) which is intended for the severe - to - profound category.

The Naida SP has a 13 size battery and power output is somewhat less than the UP (which uses the 675 battery).

I don’t remember seeing a differential like this (between UP and SP), so I am reporting here, inasmuch as everyone has been getting information that the Naida is for the severe to profound group only. This is interesting that the severe to profound group gets something new in the market first for a change [if I am wrong about the timing let me know - but I swear I don’t remember seeing the SP model before tonight] )))))))):::::


You are right, Phonak just announced the SP addition to the Naida line. See

I have an appointment with my Audi on Wednesday to start a trial with the microPower IX, but will discuss the SP with her (she previously indicated she thought the UP was a little too much power for me).

Any of the experts out there have any thoughts on the Phonak microPower IX vs the Naida SP?