Naida S CRT IX

I’ve recently been fitted with Phonak’s Naida S CRT 1X aids. My first visits were with an audiologist who was replaced by another. In discussions with both, I came away with the distinct understanding that these aids include data logging and self learning features. But I just checked a product comparison sheet for the seven models of the Phonak Spice+ hearing aids, and all list data logging, EXCEPT the Naida S and CROS aids. So what’s the real story?

Every single Phonak Spice HA has datalogging. Now, some don’t have Data learning, that is specific to the V and XI levels. The Naida also has the datalogging and data learning depending on the level. The CROS transmitter doesn’t log anything because it’s not a HA, it’s only a transmitter. The Receiver side does log the changes it makes however.