Naida s 9sp or ambria sp

Hi all just joined up good to have some surport with hearing aid questions.
I am in the market for a new set of preminum aids.
I have narrowed it down to Phonak Ambria sp or Naida s9 sp.
The only difference i can see is the Naida are splash proof.
Can anyone tell me the performance differences,if any between these aids.
Are they a good choice? Any thoughts from members would be appreciated,i am 70 years old and need the best i can get,


My son (15, wearing HA since 16 months) just trialled the Phonak Naida S IX SP and the Oticon Agile Pro Power. He previously had Phonak Naida V SP so was used to Phonak type sound. He preferred the Oticon as he said the sound was better. The Phonak sounded mechanical and edgy to him compared to the Oticon. Since he’s essentially always worn hearing aids I didn’t know if he could distinguish what others call more “natural sounding” but he did like it better.

I tested Phonak Naida S and Phonak Ambra and I think Naida S is more powerful.

I tried both but ended up with the Siemens Pure Carets.

If they’re the same in functions I would go with the waterproof Naida because Naida is cheaper than Ambra anyway :slight_smile:

No, it’s not. The Naida S IX is the same as the Ambra. There shouldn’t be any difference in price. The waterproof Naida is a CRT (receiver in the canal) and not a standard BTE and also does not have a dedicated VC - just a memory button that can be configured as a VC or Memory button and with any IX/Ambra with just a MB you configure it to use the StereoZoom feature and not a VC. The waterproof Ambra is still a standard BTE but the case is a bit different but still only has the MB. The Naida line is more powerful than the Ambra and I believe may have bass boost whereas the Ambra may not - but I’m not sure about that.

Basically, the ONLY difference, when it boils down to it, between the Naida and standard BTE line, if on the spice chip, is the power capacities. That’s it.

Thanks everyone for the feed back, i had gone with the Naidas ix sp because of the water resistant feature ,they do not claim water proof but still better than nothing.
I was just concernd that the Ambria had more features ,but i believe they are both on the same Spice platform so should be the same i should think, hard to get much info from my audio, also phonak seem to push the Ambria more here

hard to get much info from my audio, get a new AD, they need to work for your money.