Naida Review 2

Well, went in for another reprogram of the Naidas, which I have been wearing for about two weeks.

So far, the good:
(1) Heard a fly buzzing in my room and running against the window. Wow. Don’t recall hearing that in ages. Birds too.

(2) Speech is great with SoundRecover; the soft sounds are back. I think my discrimination has improved in most situations.

(3) I can pick out parts in music I have previously not heard in a long time (small tympany such as slight cymbal crashes, drums; as well as notes in high FQ keyboard crescendoes and guitars).

  1. For all that has been said about SoundRecover, SoundFlow is kind of an unsung hero. The aids tend to zoom in on voice even in noise…I’ve picked out conversations of people walking past me, talking into cell phones, in elevators, etc. (For a test, I played a piece of music on the auto SoundFlow program and everything was extremely dampened except the singer’s voice. So wow.)

The bad:
(5) Even on another reprogram, my voice and others tend to break up some times with distortion, static.

(6) There’s some highpitched, echo-static sound when playing individual notes on a piano, and a musical composition overall (played through piano or on my car’s CD player) sounds distorted (not as clear as Elevas).

My theory is that the echo-feedback is producing the overall distortion though I can’t say for certain.

(7) On the last reprogram, they played with compression (actually increased it) kneepoint and a few other things, and I am still getting this stuff, so I’m kind of annoyed/frustrated with more programming at this point.


Very promising but frustrating. One would hope the aids can be programmed to get the softness of the speech w/ SoundRecover, without the sometimes static breaking of voices; as well as the softness of some musical parts without the slight but noticeable overall distortion of a musical piece.

Too much to ask for?

if you are a candidate for the oticon epoc xw, there is a feature that allows for people to communicate at the same time without cutting off the beginning or ends of the words. it also maintains the headshadow effect so that localization is easier, thereby making hearing in difficult situations easier.

naida is a instrument for severe to profund , while epoq only covers up to 80dbhl… therefore the comparison is not valid…

If you wish to compare apples to apples… then the sumo dm should be compared to the Naida… Naida being a superior instrument (it is a new instrument!)

Hi raphaelc,

I have been wearing Naida’s for 4 weeks now and I have all of the good things you described but none of the bad so, no, it is not too much to ask for. When properly adjusted there are no aberrations. Don’t give up on them too soon.

Good luck.


Have either of you used the Naida with ICom and taken advantage of the bluetooth features?

No, I’m waiting anxiously, but the iCom is not on the retail market yet.

I have fit a few Naida’s now and am convinced they are great hearing aids, especially for those with cochlear dead spots, partiularly in the 3 and 4K regions.

There is sometimes sometimes some tweaking that needs to to be done, but there have been many times where the software got the settings right on from the start.

Many patients have adpated very easily, but noticed they can hear sounds they “never heard before”, such as cell phones ringing, paper crumpling, water running, birds outside, and even a patient saying he never heard the “ding ding ding” when he put the keys in his car.

We are still awaiting the commerical launch of the Icom units, which appears to be delayed until the end of this month or early May.

We have received the I Cube, which allows for wireless programming, using the wireless connectivity functions of the Naida and Exelia.

We are also awaiting the commerical launch of a few remote bluetooth microphones that will link via bluetooth on the Icom, which I will report on.

Maybe the problem is that I am not dead in the 3k-4k range. With suitable amplification, I get those sounds. So if these aids are taking an 8k sound and popping it from 2k-4k…of course distortion?

One thing I am noticing in my situation: the Naidas are awesome for women’s voices but not so for men’s. The deep men’s voices tend to break up whereas the women’s voices are pretty clear, most of the time…