Naida q90, program or volume control for music

I just got Phonak Q90 Naida RIC HAs (from the VA) which have one button and permit the choice of a volume control or a program control. The one not chosen is set automatically by the audiologist. My previous HAs permitted control of both and I used both constantly. For the Naidas I chose control of volume. I like the way these HAs work out of doors, with voices, etc. But so far I find that music played on a medium priced stereo set up is distorted in too many ways. The same sound over my previous HAs is acceptable. I have a feeling that the results in the concert hall with the Naidas will not change though I hope to get to a live concert soon. I wonder what would happen if the audiologist switches the control and permits me to control programs but she sets the volume automatically. Will that be any better or will the volume automatically go up and down to achieve a same-like volume or achieve some other distortion not acceptable for music?

Phonak does advertise a remote control that controls both volume and program but it seems that, based on the instruction book, it only works with a hearing aid that permits control of both volume and programs. Am I wrong?

I do want something like the Naidas because a previous set of hearing aids that I tried out elsewhere shut off at times because of excessive perspiration even though they were supposedly water resistant.

Any advice?

You can have the buttons programmed for mixed mode. The right side button would be volume up and the left side button would be program change. Or you have have the left side be volume down and the right side program change.

As for music, perhaps the hearing aid isn’t detecting it properly. You can have the Music program added to your manual program list and then switch to it when needed.

The PilotOne remote control will work just fine with your model. It does both volume and program change.

Thank you for your reply. I guess that with the mixed mode, if I turn up the volume and then find it too high, I can reset it by opening and closing the battery compartment. Is that correct?

Do you know if the HA is set for Volume Up and Program Change, will the PilotOne remote override that and control volume up and down as well as program change or is it limited to how the HA is set? If the latter, do programs have volume change built in? That is, if I use the music setting for two different situations, one of which requires a low volume and the second a higher volume, can I have two music settings with different volumes built in to each separate music setting? Finally, do you know the size of the PilotOne remote? If not, will Phonak tell me?

I see my VA audiologist next month and I’d like to be prepared in advance. Again thanks. I like the Naidas very much otherwise. They seem much better than my old Phonaks as well as others that I have tried.

Once you hit the upper limit of the volume control, which is about 5 clicks of the button, it rolls over and goes back to the initial level.

The PilotOne functions independently of how the buttons are set on your hearing aids. More info here:

You can have multiple copies of the Music program, each programmed with a different level of gain. The main purpose of Music is to turn off all noise reduction features.