Naida IX

I am having a problem with my Naida IX UP aids randomly turning off. Any one have this problem or know of a solutation?:confused:

Any problem with the battery compartment?
How old is your hearing aid?

Aids are new Just three weeks into trial. Both are doing the same thing. Just shut down without any warning. My audi has checked with phonak and only thing they could come up with was battries. It has done it with three sets of battries(the original set and two replacement sets). They are now talking about using CI Battries for more power. My thinking is if its battries then I should get a low battriy alarm. I don’t get any. Yes the alarm is turned on and full volume.

Do you allow the batteries 3 minuts to breathe after removing the tag and before putting them in you aids?

Will that cause a problem? I have had HA’s for 30 years and have neverlet them “breath”. The battries were 10’s & 13"s. This is my first experence with the 675’s. The failures could happen as soon as one day or 10 days.

Never had to ever let my batteries breath either. Your in the trial period. Have the audi give you another pair to try although both aids doing the same thing make me very skeptical.


OK. I am profoundly deaf and have been wearing hearing aids for 31 years. The Naida’s…to make a long story short…well, they have some serious issues. I only need one aid as I am completely deaf on the left. So for the right ear, I have been given 3 “new” Naida V UP’s, and 1 repaired. Due to my troubles, Phonak has now upgraded me to the Naida IX UP. Well, just tonight (about 2 weeks into the trial period), the thing shuts off during dinner and twice either sitting around or when I rubbed my ear. I cannot begin to say how frustrating and annoying this is being that Phonak used to be a reputable company. I have been trying to get this problem fixed for about 7 months now, many trips to the audi, but it just seems to be getting more and more frustrating.

FYI - there is nothing wrong with the battery compartment. There is nothing wrong with the battery (replace it all you want). The battery doesn’t need to “breath”. There is no such thing. You rip the sticker off, the battery is activated by the air, stick the new battery in, and the hearing aid goes on…

Zinc air batteries need to be activated by being exposed to air prior to use, if you took a voltmeter and watched what happened to the voltage while you removed the sticker you would get a better understanding of the zinc/air chemistry.

Absolutly! I got some new Rayovac “NEW & IMPROVED” it says on the package, let it breath for two min. and have not had any problems. I am being upgraded to the 675 battery that is used in CI’s. I also took the filter out of the battery compartment. (per instructions from Phonak)
I too found it hard to believe the breathing bit as I have been wearing aids for about thirty years.