Naida IX

  1. Well I have had my Naida's for three weeks now, and we are doing fine. I had an Eval for CI Yesterday and at first pass were about the same as my Sonic's. My Audi did some tweeking and made a world of difference.. I Started out with word rec. of 41% unaided, 65% Aided with both HA's. After Tweeking I went to 85% with the Naida's. The jury is still out however as I am having some problems with the HA's dropping dead with no notice. Maybe its something I have to get used to. Today I took them out to shower and laid them on my desk. When I got back one of them was dead. Turning them off (opening the batt compartment turns them back on). Have you had anything like that? Just a thought, (I have two Audis) One does the testing for CI, the other does the HA fittings. I had the Eval in April with the Sonics. Didn't do well at all. Yesterday I did much better with the Sonic's. Maybe with the Naida's my speech recog. got better and I could then understand better with the Sonics. Will have to check on that. Bob