Naida IX shut off issues

I have the Naida IX, and have one mystery that is driving me bananas. It will turn itself off at random times. I went a couple months with it, and all of a sudden it would shut off with no warning. It didn’t matter the current surrounding. We sent it back to the manufacturer for repair, and they chalked it up to the high humidity last summer.

Fast forward 4 months to the dry winter, and it would do it again. Shut off at random times again. Sometimes in my office, sometimes at home, sometimes when I’m walking. No set pattern whatsoever. Frustrated me to no end, so needless to say, it went back to the manufacturer where they replaced the housing and the control board.

Got it back 2 weeks ago, and yesterday I was in the office building, walked outside, a gentle breeze goes by, and it shuts off! Argh!

Anyone else having issues with the Naida IX shutting off on its own?

Does it re-boot after the shut down?

Are there any moisture droplets in your mould tubing?

No it doesn’t reboot. I have to open the battery case to reboot it.
And I checked for moisture in the tubing, it’s dry. I had the tubing in the mold replaced at the last visit, so it’s very clean.

even though it may not seem like it’s moisture (dry climate, no moisture in tubing), I bet you it is moisture somewhere in the HA. I’d get an inexpensive HA dryer and see if that resolves the problem. If it does, then you’re good to go. If not, then it’s something else in the HA.

I’m with the Doc on this one, possible condensation in the earhook filter, farther-in or just the odd bubble when your tube of warm moist air from your ear hits the cold dry air outside.

Removing the aid sucks the bubble away.

Have you had the gore-tex air filter replaced on the battery compartment too? Air starvation of the battery would be another consideration.

Thanks, but that’s not the issue. I put it in the dri-aid kit that I have every night before bed, so it should be nice and dry.

The OTHER shut off issue I have is when I push the button to change the programs, and sometimes it will just go mute, and won’t change. I’d have to open the battery door to “reset” it to get it back on, and then change the program to where I want it. Sometimes I have to do it a couple times to get it going.

Just frustrated!

The Nadia’s I trialed a couple of months ago were setup to go into mute mode if you held the switch down for a few seconds.

Could be an issue with the battery contact. Either way, if it’s not moisture it should be sent in for repair to determine the cause of the shut-off.

It’s gone in three times for repair already. sounds like a lemon to me… sigh. it’s going back soon. This morning I turned it on for first time for the day, and I typically go to the noise program (two beeps to get to it) and it wouldn’t switch programs. had to open the battery, close it to “reset” to get to the main program and try again.

So far I’m not impressed with this one, and it promised to be the best out there. Audi thinks it could be a lemon, so got a call in to Phonak to find out what to do.

In the past 3 years, out of probably 200 hearing aids I’ve had one dud. Would do the exact same thing you talk about. When I explained to Phonak what was happening they replaced it with another and everything was fine after that.

With as many hearing aids as they make, it’s bound to happen to a few.

I just got the naida ix to try it out since I have the oticon sumo xp and they are going to be obsolete in the near future. I can’t figure out the program button to determine which program the hearing aid is on. The owner’s manual does not help me distinguish which program the aid is on i.e. push it twice for this program, push once for this, etc. I’ve had it on loan for a few days and it is worst than the sumo xp and it is supposed to be better/stronger than the xp even at my hearing loss (115 db). I’m not sure if there is a problem with the program settings or if my audiologist did not set it properly. anyone have any suggestions? something else strange is when the naida was hooked up to the computer when we were setting it up I could hear, albeit on a lower volume than the sumo xp, but when unplugged, I couldn’t hear a thing, not even my own voice.

Sounds like your audi forgot to finalize the settings.