Naida 5

I am getting a pair to demo, as much as I have read stuff on this forum and one other, there is really not much info out there on these.

Does anyone have any real data?

On colors, I have seen a few strange ones. I am a white guy, with grey hair, 48 in May. Do I get skin color? Black/dark brown, grey? the zebra color?

What is least conspicuous?

Here is what I know of these so far:

Naida 5 - 16 band instrument, 3 base programs: comfort and noise, calm,
speech and noise. It is directional (you can change the direction you would like to hear eg. if someone is speaking behind you), modifies wind noise and has real ear sound.
Naida 3 - 6 band instrument, 2 base programs: calm, speech and noise. It
is omin only, no wind noise management and no real ear sound.

There are some very weird colors - including a zebra stripe, as I mentioned earlier.

There is the little that is noted on the web site for the Naida too.

Now, the deal that I have is:

2 Naida 5s
300 batteries
dry ear (the small/cheap one - that gets rejuevenated in the microwave)
ear molds
office visits as needed.

Price - I am paying (if I am happy with the demo) $4400 for the pair.

Apologies if price discussion is not allowed, if this is the case, mods please feel free to change this post.

I have profound loss, and I have been wearing an old set Widex Senso P-38s about 7 to 8 years old.

Any input is welcomed - I have demoed a couple of others and simply not been very happy with the results.


interesting they have 2 instruments with diferent price points,
it is a new instrument and thus subject to review…

now is this 16 bands or 16 channels… Perhaps the question is how many channels…