Nadia B RIC vs Audeo B

I see that the Nadia B RIC is available with a standard receiver just like the Audeo B. I’ll eventually get to researching, but has anybody investigated and know why the Nadia might be preferred? Usually I think of the Nadia for greater losses, but with same receiver, that’s not the case. Only guesses off the top of my head would be “slow compression” and maybe better compatibility with Roger devices?

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If I lived in the US and had to pay for HAs, I would of got the Naida RIC and not the Audeo RIC in case of further loss in the future.

OK. I do see that the Nadia B RIC goes up to 105 dB whereas the Audeo B goes to 100dB

Compared features from Phonak’s web page. Biggest difference seems to be that Nadia has some software features that make it work better with Roger. Other differences seemed to be pretty subtle, but hard to know when comparing features that are basically marketing terms.