MyPhonakApp - TapControl Both Hearing Aids?

Sorry if this is already covered - I searched first but no luck.

What does the slider button on the Tap Control page of the new MyPhonak App do? Tap both HAs at the same time - really?

Nothing in the User Guide about it and I can’t tell any difference by slapping upside my head.

“”Start/Stop phone calls Using Both Hearing Aids”?


@platypus: I believe it has to be a right smart sl …:face_with_hand_over_mouth::japanese_ogre:

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Okay, call me an idiot. So I think I figured out what the slide button here does. It disables streaming and phone pick up hang up on the left side aid if so assigned. It still leaves the voice assistant as a tap control function. But if you were on a phone call and found that you were cutting off your calls accidentally then you could disable that with the slider.

I’m not sure why they referred to it as “both hearing aids”. I would have thought that turning the slider off would have disabled tap control totally. But it seems to just disable two of the three features.

In the latest MyPhonak app,, it appears the slider is basically to turn the tap function on or off. Below the slider it has a selection for the left or right hearing add, when you tap one you can choose what the double tap function does for that aid and the amount of force you need to tap with (gentle, normal, firm).