MyPhonak Smartphone App Review | Dr Cliff


It won’t show the video.

It won’t show for me either.

It took a few extra taps to get it to go over to YouTube and worked for me.

Just go to YouTube and you can watch it there. A really positive review and he says it is now one of the best available hearing aid apps on the market. He said he saved over 30 new programs before he got bored and moved on with the video. I haven’t yet tried saving any custom programs but will do so next time I’m in a difficult environment.

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I let Cliff know about the playback restriction. It was probably unintentional, so hopefully will work soon enough. For now, just click on the link:

Does the TV streamer really need to be paired in-office by your audiologist? I’d assumed I could purchase one and pair it myself.

Can totally be paired by yourself.

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i did it by myself back in April well before the 2.0 firmware upgrade. The TV Connector is very easy to set up. After the 2.0 upgrade I deleted the old remote app and the old MyPhonak App, installed the new MyPhonak app and paired my Marvels to it. Didn’t need to do anything with the TV Connector; it worked just fine. I’ve also now saved a custom program for my Home Stereo system when I’m listening without the TV Connector (I primarily use it for watching with the TV muted so I can watch programs my wife doesn’t like). Creating the custom program was very easy: I just played around with the various controls to find something to my liking and then saved it. Couldn’t be any simpler!! This new app is a big improvement and also it connects much faster than the old remote program. I haven’t had any problem with disconnecting that Cliff mentioned in his video.

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