My wife has been diagnosed with high frequancy hearing loss

My wife has been diagnosed with high frequancy hearing loss a month after I was diagnosed with hearing loss in the moderate/sever level .I need some advice how can we cope with this.

Non-professional advice:

  1. Get hearing aids. They aren’t a cure all, but they help.

  2. Buy a Sound Pressure Level meter. You can get them on Amazon and many other outlets. Make sure they can be set to “A” weighting and “Slow” response. Then make sure you are not exposing yourself to anything louder than 85dba at those settings. This will prevent noise damage making your loss worse.

  3. Buy ear plugs if you must be in a noisy environment, wear them. Westone and Etymotic sell “high fidelity” plugs that your audi can fit.

  4. When masks are no longer necessary, look at lips when you talk to people. A D and a B may sound the same, but they don’t look the same.

Eat right, exercise, and take care of your general health too.

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You already knew you had a loss, she may not have acknowledged hers.

She will always hear your voice better than you hear hers unless you’re wearing your hearing aids.

She may struggle more with accepting hearing aids than you.

Her perception of loudness is likely to be normal whereas yours isn’t.

Realise conversations from separate rooms may not be possible.

Wear hearing aids when possible to reduce the amount of fatigue in all senses.

Let her set the level of the TV and adjust your hearing aids accordingly.