My Thoughts Of Audicus Ablue Aids

I currently have a pair of American Hears Freedom Bronze aids for about 3 years now. I was looking at upgrading them, so I purchased a pair of Audicus Ablue aids with the bluetooth remote. I received them on Friday 4/25/14.

  1. I have had a hard time trying to get them to stop whistling all the time. I have always been using a custom ear mold for my aids and the domes appear not to work for me.

  2. Things sounded strange to me, not sure if it is because they use different technology then the American Hears ADRO technology.

  3. Bluetooth remote was hard to keep connected to the hearing aids, the range is very limited. I would be wearing around my neck and it would move a little and it would disconnect from the aids.

  4. I connected Audicus a few times via e-mail and they responded very quickly to my e-mails.

In the end I will be sending them back, as I feel I need to be able to go to a physical place for adjustment instead of sending the aids out for adjustments and worrying that they may get lost in the mail. Hopefully I can find someone that sales good aids at a good price, instead of getting burned like the first pair of the aids that I owned.

I think you will need custom molds with your loss no matter which HA’s you go with.

I was thinking about that yesterday. I have never had anything other then BTE aids with custom molds.

You might be able to use domes if they’re power domes (also called double domes). They look like two domes stacked on top of each other. Is that what Audicus sent you?

I double checked, and I was a power domes during my tests. One other thing I was thinking was I had a Cholesteatoma removed from Right and when I was testing all the domes, I had to push the Right side dome in very far (even the largest size one).

I sent the ablues back yesterday and went back to using my American hear aids. I have a appointment with Connect Hearing on Monday. When I go for the appoinment I’m going to tell them that I want to stay using the custom ear molds that I have right now, so that I don’t have the feedback issues again and the domes hurt my ears. Should they have ear hooks for their BTE aids. Person told me that they have open fit aids, so all you need is a ear hook to use a custom mold right?..