My Six Weeks With a E8 Moxi

As of today, i’m on the 4th tube and 3rd ha.

the good
when it works it is very good.

the bad
it eats batteries like candy, the first aid, started out lasting 5 days, then 4 days, then 4 hours then 10-20 min.the ha
would beep then turn off, batteries tested fine.
2nd ha the battery lasted 24 hours then a repeated like the 1st.
3rd ha i got it yesterday at 0900, new battery tested and put in at that time, it lasted 4hrs.
these were brand new ha’s from unitron, not sent in to be worked on.

as for the tube, in the 1st place the size had to be changed
, no biggy. but the last 3 it was either the speaker or reciever gone bad.

also 2 times for some unknown reason the ringer on the
telephone wipes out the ha’s programming. no one knows why.

i’m done with unitron, my audi has been great and very helpfull, i’ve seen her up to 4x times a week for the problems.

so on monday i’m going to try a resound pixel,
could someone lead me to some info on it, their web site
is not very usefull for us people who like to get well informend. thx

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I know the instrument, it is a good mid price instrument
what i like about it:
Relative inexpensive, it has datalogging, noise reduction, automatic directionality and feedback supresion algoritm…
So in a nut shell it has most of the metrix features at a moderate price…

Resound has something call RAVE which basicly a series of sounds which are used to make sure you are not unfortable with loud sounds, etc etc

what i do not like…
It lacks of an acceptance manager… For example, other instruments -like the
Azure the gain starts very low so you can really wear the instruments confortable and as time goes by the gain will increase till you get what you need. Make sure your audi use Audiogram + (fitting rationale- it provides less gain, i had a few people likeing this)…

What you could also try

Phonak Una (nice little instrument) and Oticon GO pro - i like to fit it but the only complain i have against oticon is that for a reason they dont like to
put datalogging on their mid price or entry level instruments!!!


I started about 7 weeks ago with unitron element 16’s. I upgraded to the Moxie Indigo. I haven’t had any trouble with my aids. I have had 2 sessions with my Audi to program them. She is out for 8 weeks with back surgery so I am trying to figure out what I want changed with my programing when she comes back. I don’t know what the optimum results should be. I had the high frequencies turned down a little because of feedback. I’ve read in the forums about the hearing aid hearing test. Is this the ultimate way to fit aids? I have open fit in the left ear and a vented mold in the right ear. Any advice greatfully accepted.

i’m repling to both responses.

i know there are bigger better ones out there but with the free upgrade i chose the pixel and so far so good.

all i can tell you about the e8 moxi besides the mechanical failures is, yes i had a lot of feedback even with all of the adjustments, certain sounds on tv caused whistling also the micro wave oven bell. i adjusted to wind noise at least i thought i did. all i can say since i’m new to hearing aids is that the difference between unitron and resound is 1000% better, with the resound the only feedback i have is when i take out the plug to scratch and then it is only a minor amount. not once have i heard a whistle. as for wind noise well the only thing i hear is the wind, no static no white noise, it is the same as i hear with my good ear. im hearing 1000x better with it than the e8 which i thought was pretty good.
even my voice sounds normal. btw this is a power aid and untill i get the mold back im usig a foam plug but hey it is working better than i imangined. im no expert just a first time ha user, but with the expieince i had with the e8, i would never recomend unitronic.

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which resound do you have?

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like i said in both post…pixel.


My trial Moxi 16’s were repaired once already (bad reciever after 1/2 day). Wind & backround noise management (???) where? This post mirrored my centiments pretty well. I go in tomorrow for an update/check. I think I am heavily leaning toward the ReSound Azure and the Siemans Centra Active as a good second to that. I spent a few days with the Orticon Delta 8000’s but could not hear well in crowds w/adjustments having been made. Also I just found the sound a little less life like (minor quibble). The Azures will actually be the first aids that I will order that are not loaners.

please post ur experience with the azure!

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i had the e16 as a loaner on the first return of the e8, for 3 days. i could tell no difference in them at all. the wind noise in both sound very loud kinda like a wind tunnel. in crowds was not much better. i was offered the azure for more$$, but my audi told me the top of the line doesn’t always mean its the best for everyone. she said she has had more favorable results with the pixel and metrix.
its been over 72 hrs since i got the pixel, ive been out to 2 resturants, chucky cheese with grand daughter and a movie, driving, and in quiet places. and to be honest it seems like my hearing is as good as before the surgeries and lost the left side conduction. i really can’t tell i’m wearing a aid with the new one, but with the e8 oh boy i could tell i was wearing one. i wish you luck with whatever you choose.

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ReSound Azure’s on the way. Get em next week. I certainly will post the experience.

I’m looking forward to reading about your experience with the Azures also. I demo’ed the Pulse and the Azure at the same time, and opted to stay with the Pulse. Cost wasn’t a factor, since my health insurance covered 90%. I found the Azure with open fit thin tubes less comfortable behind the ear than the Pulse. But the main reason I returned the Azures was that perspiration would get into the aids and cause the batteries to shut down. Every couple of days one or the other aid would shut off. I finally determined that it was from perspiration, usually after just leaving the gym, which would block the air holes in the battery. A few minutes with the aid off and battery door open always corrected the issue, but it was a pain.

I never had that issue with the Pulse, either with the rechargeable batteries or regular zinc air batteries being used.

congrats! i hope you like them as well as i like the pixel.


Can you tell me if the sound is natural? Any robust sound? Are you sure you get the background noise tweaked? really can’t work good? I wanna try but i’m thinkging to try Unitron Moxi Indigo or Oticon Epoq.

I’m wearing Siemens Centra Active. The sound is really cool all natural without distortion. The biggest drawback is no telecoil and it can’t work with bluetooth! So sad!!

Sound like Unitron price is attractive but requires more repairs after short time?!! :frowning:

cost wise at least where i got my ha’s is not much of a difference.

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Mr. W Can you tell me the sound quality of Unitron? Is it sound natural to you? How about ppl’s voice? Does the sound stay true to the ppl’s voice? Any robust or mechanic sound?
Any weird un-natural sound? That’s one of the my biggest concerns. I’m too afraid to try it because it will spend so much time to tweak and find out if it is good for me. I tried Phonak -MicroPower which gave me 2-week nightmare. Unitron shares the same technology with Phonak. I’m too afraid to have the nightmare again. But now they have a new model which have everything I want.
I am considering if I should give it a shot.
After reading you guys stories, I feel like Unitron’s hareware is not reliable?!! I don’t wanna get the hearing aids fixed after a couple of months…


1st thing to remeber the e8 was my 1st ha ever.
so as for sounds, certain womens voices did cause it to whistle, tv commericals did also espeacially the xmas tunes. micro wave ovens done bell, vacume cleaner. the list goes on. not to forget the damn feed back and wind noise.
i did have many adjustments to it. that helped some but never got rid of it. all i can trully say is now i have a resound pixel, ive had it a week now, no adjustments except on the 1st day, and not having any of the noise/ sound problems!
as for voice quality the e8 was ok if it did’nt whistle/feed back.
loud voices were a little distorted though.
on a scale of 1-10 sound quality to me, the e8 was a 5, the pixel a 10. i hope that helps!

Lovely Wendie99

i forgot yes at 1st everyone sounded tinny, even my voice.
wind did sound unnatural. big time while driving. sounds that were terrible at least to me with the e8, the garage door, the truck starting up, the pc monitor, floresent lights,
portable fans,the cat meowing.
at least now with the pixel these all sound normal.
can you do a trial to check out the unitron and then some other brand?

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Mr. W,

Thanks for your info. Your experience with e8 is same as my phonak’s microPower experience. Now, I’m wearing Siemens Centra Active, I feel the sound is very natural and I should be happy about it. Just like your Azure. However, the stupid phone mode with no T coil bugs me. There will have background noise when i use the phone. Can’t use any bluetooth. Nowadays, phone use is a part of life and I can’t believe Siemens don’t put T-coil in it. I wish i could fit into mini Azure. My problem would have solved. I am checking if Widex Inteo mini has T-coil…Sound like that one is good.

I need to make decision whether I wanna try unitron Yuu/Oticon Epoq (but audie doesn’t agree)/Widex Inteo.

bear in mind the EPOQ needs a magnet to be glued to work with the automatic t coil to work
alternative you could pair a land phone for that purpose

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