My Situation


I am 38 years old. I have had 2 hearing tests from the time I was in my early twenties until now with the last being 5-8 years ago. Both times, I was told I would be eligible for hearing aids and that my high freq. is just about completely gone. I just accepted as is because I was not ready to wear hearing aids but times have changed and my hearing as perceived by me, my family, and friends is getting worse.

I have an appt. scheduled with my ENT for 1st of August and will go from there. However, anticipating I would benefit from HA’s, I will for sure pursue it.

I have been reading on here and it seems Costco is a very good location to obtain and that your local ENT may be much higher in price. If this assumption holds true for me, my dilemma is that the closest Costco is 1.75 hours away. I live in a rural area and we just do not have one near.

Any comments or thoughts on this? It is worth the drive to me for a several thousand dollar savings. Any reason the cost savings would not be worth it in this case and I really would need to remain local?

FWIW, my insurance will cover up to 2500 for HA’s every 3 years.


How bad does it get around noise? The difference between aid levels can let you do quite well locally with the $2500 deduction.
Basic don’t pay much over $3200
Mid-level add a thousand
Premium bumps that another thousand with some clinics as much as 2K.

The dirty little secret is that the mid-level is almost a premium with many aids and that basic serves well if noise isn’t a huge problem for understanding.

With Costco think 4-6 visits in the first 6 months and maybe 2 a year after. That can be worth it as their aid is a premium. So try the lower level options at home and Costco if that doesn’t work out. Once you buy aids, they will service you without a membership. If you go that way, be sure to stock up on domes and wax guard and batteries to last at least until your next trip.


I think it largely depends on how easy you are to please. If you’re easy to please and get a satisfactory fit from Costco after a couple of visits, great. If not and you require multiple fitting sessions, I think you will soon tire of Costco.


Thanks for feedback. In a noisy environment, I struggle to carry on a conversation. This is actually the very reason I am going back for a hearing test and to revisit this topic. I am tired of saying “huh” or “can you please repeat”.


If you try Costco first then during the process feel that you are going to need too many trips to get a good result then you could get a refund and go with the audiology clinic. You would then have a good idea of what you are paying extra for and whether it would be worth it to you. It also depends on how much you dislike the drive and how good the roads are for that trip. Only you can assess those factors and know what you are comfortable with.


As you are only 38yr I’m assuming you are employed. How do you cope in a work situation and talking on the telephone? What sort of a personal mobile do you have if you have one?
I also have severe profound loss of high frequency. I had to get a streamer to help with talking on the phone. As I’m still a newbie to this streaming one of the more knowledgeable guys will explain if you have trouble talking on the phone. @KenP @MDB


We’re all jumping the gun without an audiogram, but given your age and this explanation, wait to see whether your ENT suggests a hybrid cochlear implant.