My Siemens Pure 700 BTEs (I hate them)

Week three of my 30-day trial for my new HAs.

I hate them. Hate, hate, hate. :mad:

Audie gave me 10 mm closed domes and changed the feedback setting from fast to standard, and ran a feedback test. She said that the test indicated that the HAs produced no feedback.

Well, I say otherwise. :mad:

Squeak. Whistle. Squeak. Whistle. In program 1. In program 2. Listening to music. Talking on the phone. Sniffing (yes, sniffing). Clicking on a mouse produces a squeak, as does my office chair. First one ear, then the other. Yes, it’s intermittent (my audie says that the same sound should always feedback, but I haven’t found that to be the case.) The HAs will work fine for several hours, and then they start to squeak and whistle.

Today, I got feedback from the right HA in response to the beep when I changed from program 2 to 1. How about that, folks, a HA that produces its own feedback! HOW much did I pay for these things???

I think I’ve given the audie enough time to fix this; in fact, I’m wondering if they were defective out of the box.

Now I have to start from scratch. I definitely don’t want another Siemens instrument, and frankly, I’m afraid to get another pair of BTEs. So, I guess it’s back to CICs for me. :frowning:

What a disappointing experience this has been. :frowning: :frowning:

That’s a real shame to have to start over.

I’m beginning to think Siemens made the Pures just for me. LOL. Although my audi has been successful with these; she has sold and setup quite a few. When I was there last week to p\u a custom mold for my right ear she was charging another pair in preparation for a customer.

How do they make custom molds these days? When I got my CICs multiple years ago, I had to sit there with the goop in my ears and then that was sent off to the HA manufacturer.

I’m reluctant to get custom molds for the Pures because I’m afraid I’m going to have to pay extra for them (that’s what “custom” usually means) and then discover that it’s the circuitry of the Pures that’s the problem, not the fit. Personally, I don’t think the fit is the issue, given how well the 10 mm closed domes occlude.

I’d go back to Sonic Innovations, since I had such a positive experience with my old CICs, but from what I’ve read, they are not doing well financially, and I don’t want to be left with a useless warranty.

The process hasn’t changed for custom molds, although in my case the cast for the right ear was sent directly to Westone and not Siemens. I already had a custom mold for the left ear that was made for my Dots and the Pure fits that mold perfectly, so there is a chance molds for the Pures would fit another BTE, but it seems like an expensive risk.

You might not want to consider this, but aren’t the Pures available in CIC?

Yes, the Pures come in CICs, but I don’t think I’m willing to take the risk that they won’t work for me as CICs, either. I can’t get in to see the audiologist until next Monday, so I’ll do some research this week and then see what she says.

I’m happy to take suggestions based on others’ experiences and my audiogram below. I’ve already been recommended the Opticon Dual Connects (although I think they are BTEs, too). I don’t need Bluetooth compatability.

My custom molds were also made by Westone. And my audi told me she’d have to get new custom molds for the Phonak Audeo-YES IX that she just ordered for me to trial. I’ve been wearing CIC’s for the past 7 or 8 years, the time I’ve been using ha’s. I’m switching to BTE for a reason, power. The BTE’s have room for a bigger, more powerful battery and for more features to be set up etc. My own loss put me at the edge of the CIC range, the BTE will suit my own needs better. Plus, it will last longer as it can be upgraded by changing the receiver easily. I have found the BTE to be as invisible as the CIC if not even more so.

I don’t need to go to a BTE for power; the CICs are OK for me. Are molds for a micro-BTE (RIC) any smaller than a CIC? If they’re about the same size, I might as well get a CIC rather than have a piece above my ear as well as inside it.

Ok, I won’t rant about anything, as much as I would like! He he he :smiley:

“I’m sorry, Fantine, that isn’t feedback. It may sound like feedback, it may sound like feedback, but it just isn’t. I am the medical professional. Yes, your leg may appear misshapen, it may be bleeding, your ankle may be resting on your shoulder, but I can assure you, your leg is not broken!”

Don’t you love these professionals who argue with you? :confused:

I’m fortunate, I’ve never had feedback issues. But, if you’re not feeling entirely comfortable with them, you should return them. You’re paying good money (and a LOT of it), so you have a right to get something you feel entirely comfortable with.

Based upon your posts…RETURN THEM

Just to clarify, the audie never disagreed with me when I told her that I was hearing feedback, she only said that the test indicated that the HAs should NOT produce feedback.

Fantine, the custom molds look just like my CIC’s, but have a much bigger vent hole running through them. And they are totally clear, so really quit un-noticeable. If you don’t need lots of power though, you could probably get away with the domes. The custom molds though do fit much better and eliminated the feedback I was getting from the RITC

Thank you for this information – it is very helpful to me.

I decided to wear my old CICs to work today – needed a break from the frustration of wearing the new Pures.


Went to the audie today. Got a spanking new pair of zon 7’s. Got them in now, using the smaller closed domes. So far, so good. There’s a slight background hissing noise in program 2 (noisy environments) in the left one, which the audie told me is the receiver noise. She suggested leaving it as it now and trying it out in restaurants before she makes any changes.

A couple of minor differences: I can shut off the Pures “on the fly” with the program button, useful for commuting on the subway, while the zons can only be shut off by opening the battery doors, which I’d be reluctant to try with the aid in (wouldn’t the battery fall out?). No remote with the zons, and so no volume control. To change programs with the zons, you have to press both instruments, no aid-to-aid communication as with the Pures.

I only took home the zons and left the Pures with the audie, just to avoid the off chance that I could lose one pair. I’m going to wear the zons at work and home until next Monday and then switch back to the Pures. So, we’ll see. The best news so far is that they have a very natural sound (probably due to no occlusion) and NO FEEDBACK!!!

I would suggest that you SHOP for your hearing aids base upon the combination of:

o The Audiologist Company / Audiologist
o The Hearing Aid Manufacturer

If YOU don’t have the correct combination, you are likely to have problems.

If YOU don’t pick the right audiologist, you aren’t going to get the correct aids manufacturer/model or correct fittings. or price.

ANY hearing aid manufacturers models – can be misprescribed for your requirements or misprogrammed by an audiologist. Dosn’t matter which hearing aid brand you pick, if the audiologist does not do their job correctly, you won’t be satisfied. You have to work WITH Them.

So don’t be too quick to blame the HA manufacturer.

Ultimately, it is only YOU who is responsible for getting your needs met.
You must select an audiologist you can work with. You may have to try several.

A good audiologist is going to try and meet their customers needs.
There are at least five very good hearing aid manufacturers. They stay in business, because they are able to produce and sell instruments that appeal to persons with different types of hearing losses. If on size fits all, then their would be little competition and we would have only one manufacturer.
Siemens, as I recall, sells the most Hearing Aids in the world. Not sure.
It might be that they are the third largest seller in the world.
But that doesn’t matter if their models or features don’t work for you.

Many but not all audiologists Specialize in one brand or another.
(They may claim otherwise.)
That’s just a business fact. They become familiar and trained in a brand and it is quicker and easier to prescribe it. They get better manufacturer support. They get volume pricing incentives.

So you may have to go to different audiologist to test different manufacturers hearing aids.
Hearing Aid shoppers: a) might not like to do this, b) find it inconvenient, c) they may feel disloyal, and d) they may not have the time;
but it’s the reality of the market at this time.

So… Shop, Shop, Shop
Good Luck

a, b, c, and d are all realistic, the market is not. I was fortunate in that my audi was willing to go to another brand other than Siemens. I have to wonder though why the audi’s in my area all push Siemens so strongly. I too found that Siemens is not even close in sound quality to Phonak. My audi did order the Phonak Audeo-YES IX’s for me though, and sounded disappointed when I liked them right off. She told my wife that day that these are the ones I’ll keep because of the additional techie toys. She was wrong though. I’m keeping the YES because of their extreme sound quality difference over the Siemens Pures. But she sure does push for Siemens.

My audi worked for Siemens in the past, but she doesn’t push anything. She had me is Dots before I switched to the Pures. She does have brands she prefers depending upon the amount of loss of her patients. She sells at least ReSound, Siemens, and Phonak, but doesn’t push any one brand.

Doesn’t the difference between the YES and the Pures for you have more to do with your personal profile, sound preference, and perception rather than the fault of the brand?

I believe my audie would be willing to order me whatever manufacturer I wanted, but I do rely on her experience to tell me that she doesn’t think that a particular model or brand would work for me. There are just too many choices out there for me to sort them out without her input. She initially suggested the zons I’m wearing right now, but we went to the Pures because the Pures are smaller.

Gotta say one thing about the zons, they’re so comfortable that I’ve already twice thought that one fell out of my ear, because I couldn’t feel anything in it. :smiley:

I’m hoping to trial the Zon 7 aids soon as i’m not having much success with the two different types I have been given from the NHS. My low frequencies are much like yours but I have good high frequencies.

One of my main problems is always feeling like my ears are plugged up. I have tried open fit domes and RICs but still the feeling. My audie says it’s just me not being used to something in my ear.

Other problem is not being able to hear the soft voices that I struggle with - aids don’t seem to help so far. I also feel sound is too “mechanical”

Would love to hear how you are getting on with them.

I’ve been wearing open domes for 13 days. Last night when I switched briefly back to my AH SIEs with tulip domes, I had that occluded, stuffed feeling. When I first went from in the ear aids to tulip dome open fit BTEs, they didn’t feel stuffed up, but felt open.

I wore CICs for almost 6 years, so basically anything would be an improvement over that feeling. And I agree that you do have to get used to having something in your ears and the “occluded” feeling.

I just changed out the smaller domes for the larger domes. Boy, it’s harder to change the domes on the zons than it is on the Pures. You have to push the dome over the tip of the receiver, and I’m afraid that I’m going to hurt the HAs by using too much force.

My only complaint is that I need more gain than the program is giving me right now. I decided to use the larger domes to see if that helped at all, but the audie warned that she would probably have to change the programming with the larger domes. My own voice sounds louder to me, so I’m obviously getting more occlusion with the larger domes. I’ll wear them to work tomorrow and see how they perform.