My road to (better) sound, take 2 (unilateral reverse steep slope type)

Page 3 of this will get you the dimensions of the various battery sized models. There’s about 2 mm difference in length and no more than 1 mm in any other dimension.

For self programming, you need to check out the DIY section of the forum. It’s doable, but one needs to largely figure it out on one’s own. There’s nobody to call if you run into problems. I can see being in a country where you don’t speak the native language well would really decrease the value of an audiologist. Good luck.

I believe that’s true, however, I found NEW devices for like 1100 (M70) and 1300 eur (m90), while I have to pay (after insurance pays their part) around 1700 for M70 and around 2100 for M90. And that are not the highest prices I’ve seen here.

I haven’t seen used ones being sold, only those new jump out and sellers have excellent reviews plus ebay/paypal protection so I’m not worrying much about that either. But I have option to check in another country directly as well, so I’ll gather that info.

That’s default for many things I do anyway, so I’m used to that already. I’m really good at debugging things, so that part doesn’t bother me.

DIY part of forum is already being studied a lot, so I have that covered.

My biggest concern - what’s actually available out there for my case - you all helped resolve by writing me so much information and doing it patiently.

I’ve learned A TON today and yesterday! Thank you so much folks!

Do let us know how it turns out.

Oh I will, need to wait Monday for first shop to open to call them and ask for prices and if they’d be willing to sell the device to me without fitting and whatnot. I bought my Widex there, before I moved to Germany.

If they don’t want money, then I’ll bother ebay sellers with questions about device locked or not and similar.

I plan to tell the decision to audi and see what he says about it, in case he wants to match prices or something.
Also, I’ll check prices for roger equipment more thoroughly and if they’re around the same, then I’ll buy them from audi.

Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention. You guys are generally quite good at figuring stuff out for yourselves, but I guess I can bring some light on the difference between Roger Select and Roger Table Mic II.

Both microphones are based on the same generation of Roger technology and were released the same year. Roger Table Mic II is specifically designed for meetings in a professional environment. You can connect several TMII in a network to cover larger meeting arrangements. It has an operating time of 16 hours, enough to cover two full days of meetings, and you can mute it from a distance with a remote control so you don’t have to reach for it during a meeting. It has the same MultiBeam tech with the six microphone lobes as the Roger Select, but you cannot pick the active lobe manually. Work meetings are generally a more controlled affair than say a dinner at a restaurant and there is less likelihood of multiple conversations going at the same time without someone getting annoyed. :slight_smile: TMII is really designed to stay out of your way so that you can focus on the work at hand, without needing to think about how to best adjust your equipment.

Roger Select on the other hand is more targeted toward social situations that can be a lot more unpredictable and requires a higher level of control. It has multiple microphone modes and you can manually select (hence the name) which direction you want to focus the sound in. It comes with a docking station so that you can connect it to your television, and has Bluetooth so you can use it as headset for your phone. As stated above the iN version does not have Bluetooth as you are expected to use it with a Marvel hearing aid that already has Bluetooth built-in.

Regarding payment: many countries provide reimbursement for work life related accessibility equipment. I believe this is true for Germany as well. Generally you should start by doing a needs assessment together with you audiologist, and then he or she will help you fill in the necessary application. It’s often followed by a trial period of at least 30 days so you get try out the devices for yourself to make sure they are right for you.


The BT stack can be a bit finnicky, but I assume you’re at least partially up for that kind of fun if you’re using Linux already, right? :slight_smile:
I’ve used it directly BT>Linux before and for the most part it does work but very very occasionally it sulks instead and just refuses to connect, for me it always decided to do this at the most awkward of times, and I figured that life was too short to sit around debugging bluetooth issues when I was meant to be working, so I bought a Sennheiser BTD800 dongle which I’ve been using to cut out the BT stack (both on Linux and Windows machines) - it’s a strange device as it is not a regular bluetooth adapter, instead it presents to the PC as a USB sound card device rather than bluetooth, and you pair a bluetooth-enabled Roger device to the adapter directly rather than to the PC, so far this has been working quite well for me. It feels like there’s less to go wrong that way too. If you go down the route of trying to pair a Roger device to Linux and run into issues, that’s something you could look into trying, or at least having as a backup plan should you run into problems.

Thanks @RogerPM for detailed explanations! My (now old) audi suggested select for meetings, and saying that mic 2 is older aka obsolete. I begin to have a feeling that everything he doesn’t quite understand is obsolete or unnecessary. Yeah, nice guy, but I’m after tech guys. :rofl:

Aka I’ve found new audi who does bunch of measurements and doesn’t think I’m bad candidate for them because my German isn’t C2 level. After all, I need hearing aid to understand spoken German as well, so it makes sense to test how well aids help me for that as well.
And he does REM as well, that’s actually how I found him. In-situ messung mit sondenmikrofon or something like that, in case anyone else needs to find out that in German.

I’ve checked prices around, and called office in Croatia (which has the lowest price so far), and this my new audi offered to negotiate price to get as close as he can to Croatian ones, woohooo. I did promise that he won’t me see as much though :smile_cat:

So, this week I return equipment, next week I start with proper adjustment with audi, and I’ve told him that even though I want to self adjust I definitely would like some proper measuring done on both my ears and HA, since I didn’t do that for quite a time. (I had some speech therapy and speech recognition tests back in Croatia with my Widex)

I’ve tested Select in different situations, and it definitely doesn’t cover all my needs aka ‘try to understand the nurse with the mask, behind the glass, in the reception area where sound from other people is clashing in the air’ - Select goes up, and they sit down, so i’ll test Pen 1.1 as well, since from what I’ve gathered it can be fixed in some mode, so it won’t switch to another mode by itself aka I can swirl it around pretending I’m a newsreporter and it will catch it. At least I hope it works that way, we’ll see :slight_smile:

But streaming with or without R Select is extraordinary experience.

For mic 2 I’ll then ask whichever company employs me to buy them if select won’t be enough :grimacing:

Thanks for pointing this out! I’m not working atm, but I definitely need those things for interviews to get the job. I’ll talk with my tax adviser what do I need for that. I vaguely remember reading something that I have right to be reimbursed for paper and tickets during job search, so maybe we can push this as well.

This is awesome information to have in mind, thank you!

Yeah, I don’t have problem with figuring out how exactly to pet the gadget in order to get the result I want each time, but having reliable proven information is always good to know & have.

Believe it or not, this HA is my first BT gadget, at least first for which I finally allowed BT to be turned on on my phone. And I bought BT headphones for the first time so that I don’t need many cables, but it’s not perfect solution yet. I was thinking about that voyager headset, but it’s like 150+ eur… we’'ll see :slight_smile:

I’ll share some updates now

About experience BT headphones + HA

Samsung Galaxy S8 (and higher) has ability to send BT signal to 2 devices, audio only.
Then I have Taotronic SoundLiberty 79, which were the only not too expensive ones (around 50 eur here) which had good reviews, and are able to stream to either bud and have mic in both buds.
They’re a bit finicky so after pairing, you need to open the charge case and give them time to pair together and connect with phone, you can in meantime put the one you need in the ear, and then close the case. Other ways just kill the BT signal from all buds to you lose it as well.

Also, they’re BIG and my outer ear hurts a bit, but I’ll stretch it :rofl:

And signal doesn’t come to both ears at the same time.

So, not ideal solution if you want quality. Maybe newer phone can do it better.

However, that won’t work for calls. I mean, for calls I can pick which device’s mic will catch the call, but another one won’t get the audio side of the call either.

calls solution, for when I’m at home (for now)

So, if I haven’t said before, I have 4-pin aux+mic connector that I put in my phone, and the Y adapter from it, one side is the clone of it, another side is without mic.
Then I plug headphones with mic in the clone side, and roger aux cable + roger on the other side, so I can hear calls in both ears while I can speak.

Ok, sound is of different quality and HA isn’t properly adjusted, but I like this tech, even though I need rat’s nest of cables and gadgets to make it work.
I have only beta version of my Y adapter, we’ll make proper one soon :smiley:

Someone asked me how do I feel with signal coming differently between ears.

Only time I’ve noticed lag is with this taotronics, and I mean it’s significant enough that I, not perceptive one, has noticed it.
At first it was weird, but then I focused more on getting the info and enjoying hearing things on the right side that for now it didn’t bother me much. Yes it’s there, I can live with it.

In other combinations, like my ‘special Y adapter’, or with TV only thing that is significant for me now is that I CAN hear - better said understand.
I guess there’s some lag, but I don’t notice it yet. Maybe because sound is so loud when it’s directly in my ear in contrast to when HA picks it with mic and then transfer, I don’t notice bugs for now, just features.

I’ll keep reporting about that.

new audi

And I’ll definitely report how my tests go on Tuesday and what difference it is, since this HA old audi basically just set on the phonak’s default + we made some things louder, we didn’t have much time since we were trying to do some tests to see if my low region is dead or just damaged. Conclusion was that instead of M receiver now I have P receiver. With custom mold.

But this new guy immediately based on my audiogram said that there’s another thing that he’d maybe recommend, some mold made by phonak directly in which receiver is integrated, I’m not sure if that’s UP version or something else, but we agreed we’ll start from scratch on Tuesday. edit: I’ve found what he said - cShell but for I think for P receiver.

I must admit that I can’t wait to go there again! I feel that finally I’ve found someone who has knowledge and means to assert it and to try and find me the best possible fit.
Also, we’ll fit my old Widex by his process, so that I have backup.

I’ll get Pen to test it as well, Select to have it, and I’ll be using trial aids this time so he can switch between M70 and M90 and I’ll see which one I like better.
I’m more inclined to M90 bc better tech, but I remember seeing someone said that autosense was too intrusive. I don’t yet know if intrusiveness can be adjusted and if needed, ‘degrade’ it a bit to be more like M70.
This one on M70 definitely needs some help though. It recognizes noise, but sound that it provides isn’t helpful :rofl: but ok, it’s only on manufacturer defaults basically.
Or loud noise from fast road (80kmh limit) is just too loud, and if I reduce the volume, then basically I don’t hear anything. I live near the connection from that fast road to normal streets with 50kmh limit and I need to crossover or be near whenever I want to use any form of public transport, and it’s no fun that I can’t hear car nearby bc of that noise. We’ll see if there’s something doable.
I can’t even describe it properly here, let alone in audi office, that’s why I want the ability to adjust myself. Bc when I open windows, I hear that, and I don’t want it screeching in my ear :smiley:

Oh and this new audi said that my type of loss IS rare. The old one said that he has like hundred in I think the said 10 years (and not 20), while this new one said he had 8 or 10 in 8 years he works. I’m more inclined to believe the new one since even here on forum I think I’ve found only few people with low frequency hearing loss, and we all have different subtype.

Anyhow, I’ll keep reporting and reading :smiley: