My results have me confused

I tried to search to understand but I’m not finding results like mine. So, I got mostly between 20-30dbs across the frequencies - which I think is mild but my
WR dBHL is R-75 96% and L-80 98%
SRT R-20 L-15
PTA R-18.33 L-15

Any insight would be appreciated!

You won’t find results like that here, because your hearing is fine (unlike the vast majority of us).

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How is it normal? The audiologist says HA would be of great benefit to me and those around me. The WR had to be turned up in dB because I failed the normal level. I can’t have conversations, I have to CC the tv because no one can stand the level I need to hear the words, people tell me I’m yelling when I think I’m talking normal. People have to visually get my attention because just talking to me doesn’t work.

What kind of hearing loss did they say you have? It is my understanding that sensorineural hearing loss can cause distortion while still having a near normal audiogram. I think it would be beneficial for you to speak to an audiologist associated with medical offices or with an ENT to get a better understanding. Basically you want to talk to somebody who comes at this from more of a medical perspective than a selling hearing aids perspective.

Honestly asking, so a multi-degreed audiologist (who I chose) isn’t better for hearing loss? My understanding was ENTs were more for like when you had pain or a event/illness you can tie the loss to?
I surprised everyone being able to hear as they told my parents when I was little I would be deaf. So, late and incorrect talking even today for words I “hear” but don’t know already. I say them back incorrectly most times.

An audiologist is fine–just depends on what kind of a practice they’re in. If their orientation is more that of selling hearing aids, it may be hard to get an explanation of what is going on. At least that is my understanding of what you want. I wasn’t very clear in how I stated but was trying to say that an audiologist that was associated with an ENT’s office might be a better bet. An ENT might be able to offer insight on why you have such difficulties with understanding with a relatively mild audiogram.

Thank you for clarifying.

I put what I could in the profile part and here’s the other parts

The WRS was round 2, guessing I failed round 1 at the lower level.

Agree with MDB; this doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that HA’s can help (as I and others have said, your hearing loss - by your audiogram - is minimal). I would find an ENT or AuD to get help with this.

Disagree with this, in cases of poor word recognition or Obscure Auditory Dysfunction, Hearing aids that actively improve the SNR can be very beneficial.

I’m definitely not an expert in this area, but the hearing aids effectively do some of the choosing of the dominant sound and primary amplification that the brain struggles with. ( Don’t forget the top 40 dB of your Hearing is tuned by your IHC - Retro-Cochlear - OHC function).

So, in the words of my old lecturer; you treat the person, not just the loss.

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Since I put my Audiogram up, I looked up the differences between the options on the site. My Audiogram only has 2 sets of plots but the aud did the bone conduction as well. Should it say on the results which test is shown? Or how would I know?

I don’t think I said hearing aids wouldn’t help, but that if he wants a better understanding of what’s going on, he would do better with more of a medical perspective. From looking at audiogram and WRS at 75-80db, it’s pretty clear that hearing aids could help him understand speech.

There should be a key on the audiogram that tells what the different marks mean. If not, what kind of symbols are used? Air conduction is the most commonly reported.

Yes, I’ve had this for as long as I can remember, including speech delays.
I’ve not heard of FM systems in regards to hearing. Interesting. Is that why when the sounds are louder, like the tv or words as in the WRS (80db) that I did so well? Is there anything I should look for in an FM system and do you buy them through and audiologist or somewhere else? The aud only mentioned HAs not FM.

No, I read well and enjoy it.