My ReSound - My Requests and New Settings


I see that the latest version of the ReSound LiNX 3D SmartApp (1.3.1) has a section called “My requests and new settings.” It came to my attention because there was a ‘red flag’ in the My ReSound section of the app.

Earlier this month I had a hearing test and new settings installed. When I open this section it says TOO SOFT PITCH Ready to install 8/10/16. There is a button to Install. I only got my HA on 10/17/17. Shouldn’t this be already installed if it is important? I don’t want to screw up something that the audiologist set properly.

In the My Requests it tells me that they received my request and they will get back to me in X working days. It is dated 8/8/2016.

I hope this makes sense to someone at ReSound.


You’ve got the app in demo mode.


go to your home page of app click on “more” and then turn off the demo button


This sounds like good advice.
Could it be the case that Demo and My ReSound modes were turned on by default when I updated the App?
I’m on the Home Page but I don’t see an intuitive way to turn off Demo.
Please point me to the instructions that allow this feature to be turned off.
Perhaps this will also answer how to deal with the cryptic notations under the My ReSound mode as well.


Latest ReSound LiNX 3D Smart App Status Section - 5 Green Dots and a Low Battery Warning

on the home page look to the bottom far right you should see “more” tap on it … on this page the top switch is the demo mode if the button area is dark red it’s on… swipe it left to turn it off


Thank you,

This is just what I needed to be shown.

I love a straightforward answer that works like this one.