My Oticon OPN Adventure



Efter since my current hearing aids have started to fail, and have come outside of the warranty I’ve been working on getting some new hearing aids. First i tried the Phonak Audeo B Direct (B90), but that didn’t work out, they simply stopped working and I had several other issues with them, see the full story here:

Then I returned them and they asked what i then wanted to try. Based on YouTube and this forum i decided to try Oticon OPN 1, specifically the miniRITE-T variant, in order to get more buttons to control them.

On the 29th of October 2018 i get the Oticon Hearing aids fitted to my hearing with double vent bass domes/closed domes. We get everything right and i drive to school afterwards, however at the first lecture i start having problems. The sound is odd, and the dobes does just not want to stay in my ears. I change back to my old hearing aids to understand the lecture properly.

A few days later i try them on again, and try to make a objective test with snapping my fingers with and without them on, and it is noticeable louder without the hearing aids on. Turning up the volume does not help much, and the extra programs i got added is only worse than the default “opn” sound.

In the end i decide to wait for my next appointment that was yesterday, 28th of November 2018. Here i exchange the domes for a open fit that fits much better than before, and i make sure that the sound is alright in volume by comparing to my old hearing aids. Since the open dome isn’t a perfect fit either we decide to make a custom mold ear tip for my ear so that it’ll be ready for next appointment.

Unlike before, I don’t feel like they’re a plug in my ear, this is a much better fit, and the volume is just about right, maybe a tad too loud, but i can easily fix that by changing the volume. I’ve only had time to play around with the default “opn” program and the music program, but so far it’s been a great experience.

i have another appointment in about a months time next. At that time the custom ear tips will be ready and we can check if they fit better than open domes. I’ve had a mixed bag of experience with custom ear molds, so not sure what to expect there.

I’ve got them setup so one ear changes the programs on the two buttons and the other one changes the volume. They sync reliable, but with a odd delay. However it’s been 100% stable so it’s fine. The Oticon ON app works fine on my phone, and the bluetooth connection is stable, and it does not drop every time the app is closed. They have a very useful notification that can be used to change programs, and it’s very good at syncing with my hearing aids so changes on them show up on the app, and the other way around. MUCH better than the Phonak experience that i had with their first generation bluetooth hearing aids.

If anything is unclear, then please feel free to ask. If anyone wants to hear more of this story as i get more experience with these hearing aids, then feel free to give a like or let me know some other way :slight_smile:

I hope this is useful for someone out there. Have a nice day!

Update: A bit of practical information:

My Phone is a Nokia 7 plus with the latest updates (currently with Android 9.0 Pie and november 2018 patch)

I got these programs:
1#: General/Automatic/OPN
2#: Speech in noise
3#: Lecture
4#: Music

Receiver: miniFit 60 (green model)

Software version: 6.0
Firmware version: au2cs3fw5.16.0

Besides from change in volume, i got the startup sound turned off, and the bips turned down in volume (by default i felt they were very loud). No hard noise suppression or frequency compression/moving enabled.

First impressions with Phonak Remote App and Audeo B Direct

I understand the latest Oticon training sessions are promoting heavier use of noise reduction as a default. I received that info from an attendee. I use it after comparing to the cookbook setting in Genie. YMMV.

Patience is warranted to get the molds right, but then it is commonly taxing to reach heaven.


I wouldn’t know anything about that, however it also seemed like they were configured with the wrong kind of dome last time (I had a close dome, and it was set to a open dome), that may have been a big reason why I had such a useless fit that first time. It is a much better fit this time. My day has been effortless, and when comparing to my old hearing aids they even seem to be better in some situations. Still need more time evaluate thought.

Yeah :confused: Usually the biggest problems is that my right ear just ejects anything you put into it and that my ear channel moves quite a lot when i chew.

My first custom time was a great fit, but ever since it broke I’ve had so much trouble getting a proper fit that i gave up a few years ago. I hope it’ll be fine this time, and I’ll be sure to be patient.


Be sure to move your jaw around as the mold form is setting.


Did that yesterday as the mold was setting :+1: (first time I’ve ever done that, so I’ll be fun to see if it works out)


Wondering why your fitter didn’t spend more time with you after the first fitting of the Oticon. 10 minutes and the fitter would of know the domes were wrong. For the cost of those Oticons I would expect a higher level of service.


The danish government offer free hearing aids in Denmark, but only if they are issued through the public hospitals. Many chooses this option and the government does not devote enough resources for hospital staff, so they are very busy, and that sometimes results in less fortunate things happening.


This is so bad on the part of your provider to do this wrong in the first place, it’s not even a rookie mistake. As a rookie DIY myself when I started doing my own programming, I already even knew how basic and fundamental it is to select the right fitting in the program to match with the actual fitting I have in my ears. How they even missed this is beyond me.


It’s time for a update.

Overall I’m very happy with them. I love having buttons to change everything directly on the hearing aids. Sometimes they do miss a click on the button if it is too quick, and i find it odd that changes sometimes takes seconds to apply for both ears, but synchronization between my two hearing aids have been reliable, and that is more important than buttons thay may require a slightly longer press. My old hearing aids would sometimes lose connection to each other and get out of sync, resulting in a very odd audio experience where i had to change programs manually on maybe both of them to get them synced again.

Comparing to my old hearing aids my speech understanding seems to be on the same level right now, maybe even better as I’m getting used to them.

The connection the the app on my phone is rock solid, but the hearing fitness function in the Oticon ON app does sometimes collect odd data. It claims I’ve used my hearing aids for 23 hours and 41 minutes one of the previous days… either I must have forgotten to turn them off (I find that unlikely) or there is some odd bug sometimes… But otherwise it claims that i use them for about 14 and a half hour every day in average, that number would definitely not be that high if they didn’t work out for me :wink:

I’ve no issues with wind noise or hair noise as I’ve had with other hearing aids I’ve tried and my previous ones.

There are still some situations where i don’t hear everything, but I’m not sure my old hearing aids would do better there. Also those situations are most likely situations that persons with normal hearing would even have issues understanding.

Sometimes, even with my old hearing aids on, people have noticed that i speak too loudly, so loud that they think it is uncomfortable to sit next to me. The first time I used these hearing aid for group work at my university, they very quickly noticed that I spoke quieter - a more normal level of speech.

The "Lecture program works excellent and clearly helps making the lecturer’s speak very easy to hear and understand.

They might be worse for when I’m talking with someone on my bicycle, but I’ve only had a few times to try that. So I still need to experiment with the settings to find the optimal setting for that situation, and if possible compare to my old hearing aids that worked excellent for that (I would usually hear “my bicycle partner” better than they would hear me).

They work excellent together with over the ear headphones, there is no feedback issues, actually no feedback issues in general on them. The audeo b direct I tried before these didn’t like over the ear headphones at all, and produced a very uncomfortable whistle sound whenever I tried.

I don’t feel a need to use my old hearing aids, but I keep them with me, if i need to compare something to be sure if it is better, the same or worse.

That’s all I have for now :slight_smile: