My New widex Clear fusion

Hi all.
Well I findly have them, so far i am trilled …I can hear so much better.i have turned down almost every electric gadget in my home , radio , tv, etc…Sound quiet natural… have the m dex , This gadget is just amazing ,I can now take calls on my mobile with out having the loud speaker on it is programed to my mobile the m dex is carried around my neck when i receive a call the sound goes straight to the micophone in my Ric… Just fantastic I can also attach my ipod to it and head walking… It also comes with RC-Dex this gadget can increase volume up ar down . i have 3 prgrames master master1 and tv, My audiologist has recommended i use master1 in work , so ill be trying it out 2moro…

Its only my 2nd day so fingers crossed :slight_smile:
L30 50 80 80 70 70 65
R25 45 75 80 65 65 65

That is great to hear! I am getting mine next week.

No music program?

Hi arni , I can have wha ever programe i want , its just all so new to me . I have to go back to my audio next week .I am a petite lady so my little ears will need to have custom receiver ear tip . will get that done next week. the tulip ear tips are ok but they keep poping out. Will know more next week. had enough to take in yesterday. I work in retail so 2moro i will find out how they go .

Good luck with yours , you can tell me all next week…

Al the best

I always used the music program of all my previous Widex hearing aids simply because the sound quality of the master program was bad, and the sound not nearly as clean in comparison to the music program. I even think I was able to understand speech better with the music program.

This time I am hoping that the master program has improved so I can accept it, because then I will be using several of the features that are not active in the music program.

It’s great, hearing about people’s responses when they wear their first hearing aids!

I happened to have a procedure done yesterday (not hearing-related) and the young woman nurse was speaking so softly, and I had left my aids in the car, as I didn’t want to chance losing one or somehow ruining one! So, I mentioned “I have hearing aids but I left them in the car, could you please speak up?”

She got all excited and showed me her hearing aids, saying “I have them, too, see?!” Of course, there was so much hair (unlike my shaved head) that I couldn’t tell if they were BTE, in the ear, or whatever. I just thought it was something how all of us hearing aid wearers have this thing in common that we are all so excited about, AFTER ALL, WE CAN HEAR!

Arni ,
post your hearing loss.

I find the sound quiet good, i might need a bit more clarity with speech. Will chat with my audio next week and will mention the music chanel…

The M Dex is only the bees knees…

L30 50 80 80 70 70 65
R25 45 75 80 65 65 65

My hearing loss : (125Hz … 8kHz)
15 25 35 55 60 70 70 65 60 60 55 (symmetric)

Ask for two things:

1: the Audibility settings to be altered in the Master program: there’s various settings of speech audibility enhancement or reduction that can be applied.

2: the Comfort program to be put in slot 2.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the improvement.


bad day in work , my aids did;nt seem to like the shop i work in, (Hugo Boss) retail. Programes were al over the place. the sound was bad. beeping every so often , asking for partner check al the time. even do the aids were firmly in my ears… sad day …will be heading back to audio … on monday…

SAD frances

Hi Frances

You mean that the hearing aids are whistling?

Do you have domes? With your hearing loss you should use custom moulds that are similar to cic hearing aids. I will get such moulds.

In my experience, first impression of new aids is always better than reality, since you are appreciating hearing new sounds and you get the wrong idea that you can hear everything much better. It takes a while to find out how it sounds in the real world.

When I get my hearing aids, on Tuesday, I get them fitted with real-ear measurement, where the output is measured with a microphone.

Later on I hope to get the fitting improved with Verifit.


Yes, I did that and it helped. I am just surprised that Widex makes signal processing the compromises so much on the quality.

Don’t be sad,
I really think you should get custom moulds instead of tulips. whistles and beeps may come appear because your ear mould is loose.
And ask audi for more adjusting and be patient :slight_smile:

I have profound hair loss and wear Fusions with custom moulds, i do not suffer any whistles or partner checkings or beepings … they work properly. I am sure you will love them in the end of the day :slight_smile:

Thanks gr8…

Went back to audio yesterday, on instruction from widex management he had a list of changes to make … He turned of partner check turned down al levels by 5 (only way I can explain it ) Put comfort fit into master 2 …

A team have requested to visit my place of work and surreptilious have a look at the circuit!!!
I also had impression done for custom moulds, should have them in a week or so…
Sound has improved, but I still not quiet happy… Just dont know what it is … Off to work so will give them a try again to day…

Chat soon .

Hi every one,

Back to my patient audio cris… My 1st visit since been fitted last wednesday. Made a few changes master programe changed to comfort fit ,also some changes to over all sound… had the partner check turned off, as i told ye it was interfering with the circut in my work place or the work place was interfering with them…
All was fine to day in work… I have to say guys I really was expecting a little more from these boys , expecting them to give me better quality of sound … i find them to be a bit low in sound quality ,speech not strong enough 4me.
Ive had them brought down a little because they were to loud in sound 4 my ear drums but now the quality of sound is to low.
The sound quality I get from my old rextons is so natural . but I am lost in a social group with them… Which brings me back to my new widex clear fusion , Wore them out to pub on sunday nite did’nt see any great improvement in sound…still struggling with speech…
Had custom mould s made ,should have them next week. A bit more tweeting and maybe I ll be on the right road …

Oh to have perfect hearing!!!


I got my Widex Fusion two days ago.

The were fitted with sensogram, that is insitu-audiogram. At first the audiologist did only basic sensogram, measured in 4 frequencies. The sound was horrible and I was very frustrated that the audiologist did not do expanded sensogram in 15 frequency bands. So I kindly asked her to do it. She uses a screening method to measure the audiogram, and did not even start far above threshold for each tone, so I would know what to listen for. I was very frustrated. I was hoping that this audiologist had ambitions. This method was disregarding every rule that I have learned about audiometry.

The sound is still bad, and the hearing aids can hardly be used because of imbalances in sound, too much bass, and probably too much of 3 kHz, and too little of 1-2 kHz. I got an appointment next week where I will ask that I will verify the sensogram on my own.

It is incredible when experienced audiologist do not understand that fitting is about precision.


Did anyone test the M Dex?

Can you compare it with other streaming systems?

I read about 1-2 feets (0,5 meter) distance from hearing aids to the M Dex… is this true. This is not much.
Can you carry the M Dex in your pants pocket and listen to music?


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Hi … I have the M dex, If i leave my mobile down in my house and carry the m dex around my neck I can hav coverage up to about 15 feet … If i m out shopping I carry the m dex around my neck and my mobile in my bag or pocket and when the phone rings The call goes straight to my aids, i just press the m dex yes button and off i go and chat away …

Have to say it does take a little getting use too…Alot of sound so close to your ears.

Sorry to hear that arni,
Still not that happy my self. Just cant get used to the sound just 2 microphoneyyyy.
My head is dizzy to day from the sound, and some times i feel they have switched off.And I go and check to see if the battery is dead…
Have moulds on monday , will give that atry for a week… If no joy will return all …


Does your work environment have sonic motion detector alarms? They will trigger the feedback protection in aids. Even though the alarm system is turned off, the motions sensors are still active. The only way to avoid this is to turn off the feedback processing.