My new phonaks

I just got my new hearing aids yesterday and they are alot stronger than my previous ones. they are phonak extra 211az bte. i havnt worn bte’s in over 15+ years. Tonite after i got home from work i noticed some moisture in the tubing and detatched hook and tubing from hearing aid and blew some of the moisture out. when i did a little circular piece of somthing came out of the hook . it looked like a tiny piece of paper. what is this and how important is it. I go back to my audio next wednesday for my follow up visit.


The white paper looking thing that came out is the attenuator in the earhook. It really is not that big of a deal and your audi/dispenser can replace the attenuator and/or earhook.

The sound difference is minimal if even noticeable.

is this the filter?