MY new OPNS1-MiniRite-R

cvkemp, congratulations. Previous posters have said that the improvement over Opn 1 was not significant enough to justify the cost of the upgrade. It sounds like you disagree.
The big test will always be how much improvement in word comprehension do you experience in a loud, crowded bar or restaurant. We may have to wait a while for that comparison. Thanks for posting.

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While the OPN1 and the OPNS1 aids both have the same programs, the difference is that the OPN1 aids have 85 db receivers and the OPNS1 have 100 db recievers, so the OPNS1 have been adjusted to meet my full target prescription by the REM test. That is what is giving me the extra ceiling to hear better. My OPN1 aids never could reach my full target prescription due to the differences in the feedback circuits. My Audi said that my OPNS1 aids could reach the full target with 85 recievers due to the differences in the feedback circuits but it would not leave any room for my hearing to worsen.

Thank you for the post. I also have the OPN miniRITE and have had them for almost 3 years. I got mine from the VA also and they have worked pretty well for me. I believe I had my previous pair of hearing aids for four years before they allowed me to upgrade to my present pair of OPN’s and I had to ask for them. I suspect that my hearing has not changes much in the past several years. Do you know how long the VA requires us to wait before providing new hearing aids? My hearing loss is service connected. Thanks.

There are a lot of ifs with that. If your hearing hasn’t changed about 4-5 years. If your hearing requires new aids then when you need the upgrades. If the aids are no longer repairable.
The reason I got these new ones is because I cannot function with out hearing aids anymore and my OPN1 aids had to be repaired twice and I was without the capacity to understand what was being said around me. I may be retired from work but I do a lot of volunteer work for the VA clinic, my church, and the American Legion. I am a retired IT professional so I get asked to help a lot of the retirees around here too.

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Everything is sounding so much sharper with the OPNS1 aids than with the OPN1 aids. Like I have said before I believe it is due to more power to the receivers, and the smaller vents in the custom ear molds. I am still hearing sounds that I haven’t heard before and I have to go look for them, that is the troubleshooter in me.
Now to the fact that all that I was really wanting out of the OPNS1 aids was better speech understanding, well even my wife has told me that she sees improvements in me understanding what she is saying even when she is in the other room which by the way is also with me having my back to her. I am looking forward to going out to the trail today and just listening to see what I can hear.

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I have OPN S 1 and a ConnectClip and a Cisco VOIP phone with Bluetooth at work and an ancient iPhone 6. I don’t pair the ConnectClip with the phone so calls to the iPhone use MFi to the hearing aids with no interaction with the ConnectClip. I have paired the ConnectClip with the VOIP phone at work. The Cisco menu system allows one to manually connect or disconnect from a bluetooth device - the combo of the hearing aids and the ConnectClip is seen by the Cisco as a “bluetooth headset”. So if I power on the ConnectClip, it connects to the hearing aids and then connects to the phone or any other bluetooth device that it is paired with apparently choosing the first one that it finds. In my office that is typically the Cisco phone rather than my MacBook Pro. The “bluetooth headset” works well for listening to the VOIP phone but some on the other end complain that I’m sending a lot of noise. I think the ConnectClip mic is very sensitive and picks up the fairly loud AC air handler in my office so that solution is not good for conference calls. That said, you can mute the ConnectClip microphone using the Cisco phone button.

The ConnectClip can be paired with 8 devices but connected only to one but that number does not seem to include the hearing aids. If my ConnectClip is connected to the Cisco phone, I have to disconnect the phone from the ConnectClip (using the phone menu system) - the hearing aids stay connected to the ConnectClip according the the LED indicators. Then I can connect my MacBook Pro to the ConnectClip. That is easy to control using macOS and I expect so on Windows but I have no experience there. So I am able to control what device is connected to my ConnectClip.

How well things work probably depend on firmware levels, how well any bluetooth device implements the appropriate bluetooth profiles (including the computer hardware/OS) and a myriad of other things that I don’t understand. My ConnectClip works fine with my work MacBook Pro but not with my home iMac Pro although they both have bluetooth 5 according to the specifications. At home I use a Sennheiser BT800 USB dongle to connect to the ConnectClip - that seems to work fine unlike the built-in bluetooth.


I went to the trail today wearing the OPNS1 aids and I will say this it they make a difference. The sound is cleaner and crisper. I for the first time really do hear things farther off. I saw a few other hikers and we talked from a safe distance and I could understand them even with the wind and the birds singing, this is something that I would have had a much harder time with my OPN1 aids.

@wilt2448If you loss is service connected, you can get a hearing test annually.
If your hearing has changed, you should be eligible, if the Audi ok’s it.
I got the OPN’s in 2017, and was able to get the OPNS1 this year.
Just get your hearing test, if your clinic is open.


Also if you cannot function without your aids, you can ask for a backup set of aids. That is why I got the OPNS1 aids so quickly after I got the OPN1 aids. Of course, our Audi or the head of the Audilogy clinic has to approve of the aids. It was fairly easy for me to get these due to the fact I was pushing to reach my full target prescription, and my OPN1 aids would not get there due to the feedback circuitry and the fact that my OPN1 aids had been returned for repairs twice, and my aids that I had for backups were way to weak to do me any good.

I have been getting my aids from the VA since 2006 and this is my 5th set of aids from the VA, but my hearing loss has been going down slowly all the time too, and it seems that in the past I was always getting my new aids just before the new ones came out.

Pardon my stupidity, but where do you find OPN S1 hearing aids on the Oticon website?

hear it the link

Yes, got it; however I don’t S1 anywhere…

There are 3 levels of the aids, 1,2,3. 1 is the full functioning, 2 is the middle level, and 3 is the basic level. I mostly deals with the level of noise reduction they can do. go to the download link at the bottom of the page and you will find the technical data.

Thanks… I wasn’t considering, or thinking about, the levels, which I had seen before. I was thinking it was an upgrade to the Opn S model. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

if you are like me and have really bad issues with speech in noise then you would really need the level 1 hearing aids, they have the most noise reduction.

I want to trial Starkey Livio Edge AI ITC-R or ITE-R whenever the local VA opens again. I had 1 Jun, then 30 Jul, then 10 Jul and now 24 Jul appointments, so I don’t know when I’ll get in.
However, since I don’t care if anyone sees my hearing aid, why should I bother with a hearing aid over my ear and something stuck in my ear when I can just get and “all-in-one” in the ear?? Plus, still have all the capabilities of an RIC-R hearing aid.

I had talked to my Audi about the Phonak and the Starkey ITE aids, and my Audi bluntly told me I would not like the sound of them after wearing Oticon aids for as long as I have. I have worn Oticon aids for just over 10 years, and I do love the sound.

yes, your audio is right as i have worn oticon for 8 years and just now had a week trial of Phonak marvel 90 and sound so different,and had them adjusted today,but I am not happy.
sound seems flat & boring in compared to what I had.I have needed to seek new aids as one of my oticons only works about 50 % and irrepairable.

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Out of curiosity. Is your travel charger just a standard desk charger or is it something specific for travel. Have you done anything that permits you to charge when you don’t have a mains power supply?

As I have said my OPN1 aids are now my backups. I cannot hear well enough to have a conversation without both hearing aids.