MY new OPNS1-MiniRite-R

Almost three months now with the rechargeable aids and I am in love with them. Traveling isn’t an issue with the second charger and a good power pack that doesn’t turn off after the charging is complete. The charger is small and the power pack is even small than the charger. I also replaced my old iPad Air 2 for the smaller iPad mini 5 which is great for reading my ebooks. While size does matter so does convenience. I am completely sold now on rechargeable hearing aids. I no longer even think about the possibility of not having any battery life left for the day. The come off the charger in the morning ready for a full days use regardless if my day is 12 hours are 20 hours. I always have battery life left. But while out traveling I don’t stream or watch TV using the TV adapter so that frees up battery power. But I still have phone calls.

A grip about Zoom meetings, it will not work n my MacBook to stream audio through Bluetooth using my connect clip to my hearing aids, it sees that the connect clip is connected but no audio will be sent to the clip and aids. I believe but not sure that I read that either some where in this forum or on Facebook

Just FYI, I’ve used Zoom on a Windows 10 laptop and was able to stream the audio through Bluetooth to my Bluetooth speaker. I’d assume that it would also stream audio through my ConnectClip as well, had I chosen to do it. I just didn’t do it because there were other people on my end as well so I had it route to a Bluetooth speaker instead.

But the first couple of times I tried it, it didn’t work. All of a sudden the last few times it worked OK. Maybe there’s some Zoom setting that needs to be turned on.

I tried every thing I could find to get it to work. I have a windows 10 computer that I sometimes mess with, it has beta version of windows on it. The old computer is so slow I don’t use it for anything important

This happened with me. I have to change the audio settings and then the my ComPilot worked.

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thanks everyone I have the connect clip working with my MacOS zoom app now, I am not sure why it didn’t work yesterday, didn’t do anything different today.

I have just tried the old windows 10 system and I have gotten connect clip to pair with it and zoom seems to be using the connect clip on windows too. That may be a better choice seeing my old windows machine has a large screen.

Glad to hear. Like you, I initially was not able to get Zoom to use my Bluetooth speaker but then a few times later I tried again and lo and behold, it worked and I wasn’t sure what I did differently. Apparently the first time I set up/tested the audio, the Bluetooth didn’t take. But the second time I tried to set up the audio, the Bluetooth took for some reason.


I find it interesting that I no longer have my aids paired to my iPad but I can still adjust the volume and change the programs using the iPad control panel

Could your iPad and iPhone being paired have anything to do with it?

That is my thinking now that I think about it. With the new IOS they pair automatically due to the iCloud sign in. It is also now true for the iPhone and iPad to the MacBook

How about sound from a YouTube? Or notifications? From the unpaired to aids iPad.

No it doesn’t work, just the controls of volume and programs. When my aids are paired to both I am still having problems with them acting crazy. I have a open case on the issues with both Apple and Oticon. Apple says it should work great and Oticon says that the Bluetooth has to be disabled on the devices that I don’t need to be streaming from. I have told Oticon that they aren’t following the MFI protocol correctly, and have highlighted the protocol requirements in the email. And I haven’t heard anything else from Oticon.

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