MY new OPNS1-MiniRite-R

I have just got home from the VA, with my new hearing aids and connect clip. There is a firmware difference from OPN to OPNS so I have to have the two connect clips. My ear molds ended up be acrylic, my Audi said it was Oticon making the change due to me wearing ITE aids for so long. The vent is so small that at first I could not see the vent at all. So far the sound is so much more crisp and cleaner than the OPN1 aids. I have no feedback and he did not even do the feedback settings. He said it isn’t turned off it is just using the default settings. Road noise sounds like the OPN1 aids, the car stereo is so much better that I had to set the equalizer back to the defaults on the stereo. I can now hear the phone with and without the phone adapter, I have both TV adapters paired and the app gives me the choice between them. With the TV adapter the sound and speech is better. I choose the color of the aids to match the color of my glasses so my wife says that the aids are not really noticeable. I am also going to be getting a second charger as a backup and for travel. No issue with wearing my OPNS1 aids with my helmet, that is so great.

While there is a difference in sound between my OPN1s and OPNS1s they are still close enough that it isn’t a schlock to me when switching between them. Also, having 2 connect clips mean I always have a remote control, connection to my phone adapter, my MacBook, and by having my OPN1s paired to my iPad and my OPNS1 paired to my iPhone I have always got the aid capacity.




I’m excited for you. Any time music sounds even just a little bit better can be counted as a win, at least in my books.

Looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

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Just seen your post on Facebook. It’s great that you are hearing so well.

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Congratulations ! You have opn 1s with coils

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My t-coils are not enable at this time I will get them enabled. But I believe I will have to remove on of my other programs to do so.

That’s great that it is working out so far. I was very interested in your description of your new molds, as I may be switching to custom molds next week at Costco when I get a hearing test and order new HAs. Maybe only my left ear which I fight drainage daily. I have tried many domes without success.
Good luck with your new HAs and I enjoy your many posts. They are always very informative.


Thank you so very much, all I want to do is help anyone that I can. I also, try not to seem like I am pushing one brand of aids over the others. I believe that everyone has to make their own decision as to the aids they get. Now with that said, I have come to the dicision that I do accept my Audi’s decisions, because so far he hasn’t been wrong when it comes to my needs.


Glad you got the S1, I know you were excited to finally get them and already can tell a difference. I got the S2 swapped out today for the S1. I’ll be updating my thread when I get a chance. Keep us posted on how it going.

You mentioned a phone adapter. Are you using an adapter with a landline phone?


Yes I have the Oticon Phone Adapter 2, it works with the connect clip. It can be some what of a pain at times. It seems to lose its pairing to the connect clip.


Probably Oticon saying that the shape of your ear canal could not accommodate whatever other option you had anticipated. It is not uncommon to move to a hard encased tip if the ear canal is too narrow for them to build a soft tip with sufficient space for the required receiver as well as a required degree of material thickness, for example.

I don’t know why they would make a change just because you used to wear ITEs. Maybe they asked the clinician if the change would be acceptable and the clinician reasoned that because you used to wear ITEs you’d likely be comfortable with the switch.

I am not sure either but my ear canals are anything but small. After really looking at my ear molds I believe it is due to them going to the 100 db recievers, and they only come in the acrylic shells.


Great post, Chuck.
Very similar to my experience going from the OPN to the S.
It seems to me, the VA always defaults to Acrylic molds, at least here in Cali.
I tried the soft silicon molds with my OPN’s, and experienced a lot of itching.


That’s not good.

I mentioned today to audi that once we figure out what aid I’m going with we have to figure out a way for me to hear on on my office phone. I asked her about the adapter and she didn’t seem to high on it. She made a note to check on something for me though.

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The phone adapter is working ok for me here at home, but I would not recommend it for a work phone system. With that said my home phone system is voice over IP and it is working ok. The sound is good over the connect clip but sure isn’t as good as my direct connectiion of my aids and iPhone. Depending on the phone system at work you may be able to work with your boss and get a phone that has bluetooth capacity that maybe the connect clip can connect to.

Well, the boss is me lol. One of my hoh buddies was in the office yesterday and he mentioned a Bluetooth phone. So the Bluetooth phone would pair to the connect clip not the iPhone? I believe I read somewhere that opns1 can only pair with one device at a time. That wouldn’t have anything to do with connect clip I guess?

tim4 I am here at home and I have my OPNS aids direct connected to my iphone, and I have the connect clip on and connected to the phone adapter. I can take a call on the IPhone with no issues, and I can also take a call on the home phone with out any issues. I have notices that if a call comes in while I am on the home phone to the iphone that the iphone wants to take the aids away from the connect clip so be careful there.

The ConnectClip will be paired on your bluetooth phone as a “Headset”


Ok, that sounds like it should work, as long as connect clip stays paired with the Bluetooth phone. What do you estimate the range is on the connect clip with the phone adapter?

Easily 30 - 40 feet due to the mic on the connect clip, I have used it out to maybe 45 feet through a couple of drywall walls but I was only listening in on a call my wife was on with the kids.

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I finished yesterday with less stress and tiredness. This morning I am listening to YouTube church services that I listened to Sunday to just see if I can hear the differences between my OPN1 and OPNS1 aids. What I am hearing is a richer sound a less tinny sound, and of course a louder sound. I am hearing more bass, and at the same time a better understanding of words with S/SH/F consonants. I am also hearing sounds that I haven’t been hearing, like the ceiling fan in my living room has a hum that must be a AC 60 hz hum. My wife has asked me many times if I could hear the sounds of the chipmunks in the front and back yard, and finally I can hear them. Before I could hear the clock in the living room but it sounded very low and I could hardly hear it but now it sounds so much louder. We have diamond doves and I haven’t been able to hear them until yestday I was able to hear their beautiful cooing.
Boy I was always impressed with my OPN1 aids but my OPNS1 aids carry that to the next level. I am sure there are sounds I am not hearing, and there are words I am not understanding but I have gotten to the next step.